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GeoVision How do I do port forwarding?

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Since port forwarding is done on the network router/modem, the procedure to open up ports will vary according to different router manufacturers/models.

For a general guide, visit www.portforward.com.
1. Select the brand and model of the router/modem that you are using. (router brand and model are usually printed on the router/model itself).
2. Click on "Skip Advertisement" to proceed.
3. Go under section "G" under application list and select "GeoVision Webcam".
4. Follow on screen instructions to open up each required port on your router/modem.

Alternatively, check out your router/modem manufacturer's website for instructions.
Linksys: www.linksys.com/support
Netgear: http://support.netgear.com/app/
Westell: www.westell.com/support
Verizon: www.verizon.com/support
AT&T: www.att.com/esupport

Otherwise, contact your ISP or IT department for additional assistance.

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