Geovision GV-MP2 MPEG2 Hardware Compression Board


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Support by v7.0 only!

GVMP2 Card is a MPEG 2 hardware compression board specially designed for applications that require high recording resolution and quality. It can give 720 x 480 resolution, full-D1 at DVD quality and 30fps of recording for each camera as well as greatly reduce the CPU usage for more stable PC performance. It's an excellent accessory option for many applications including Casinos, Banks, Art Gallerys, etc whose emphasis is on clear video evidence.

  • Works in conjunction with GV-600, GV-650, GV-800, or GV-1000 series cards only and version 7.0 software only
  • Each Hybrid MPEG2 card provides 4 channels of MPEG2 recording quality
  • Up to 4 Hybrid DVR Cards may be connected to a GV system
  • Support for hardware-based compressions, meaning less CPU usage and better system performance
  • Connects to Geovision card via 40 pin IDE connector

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