GeoVision GV-AS120 V1.07 BETA Firmware

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Note: Please Download the Official V1.07 Firmware from HQ Website. This document is merely provided for documentation purposes.

AS120 shows a Red / Blue error after adding 44 Cards / Keyfobs to the Reader Manually. AS120 Controller is still able to Add Card, delete, and give access to Cards that have been added, but shows the incorrect LED / Beep Codes.

Update by COM-RS485 Converter
-GV-COM / Compatibe USB to RS-r85 Converter
-GV Controller Firmware Update AP V1. Utility

Update by TCP
-GVNetModule Utility

Instructions: Update by COM-RS485 Converter
1. Connect AS120 to GV-COM Correctly. Install Proper USB Driver and Restart.
2. Open up GV-Controller firmware Update utility and select the Firmware. Select the right COM Port.
3. Send.

Instructions: Update by COM-RS485 Converter
1. Connect AS120 the ASBOX / ASNET Correctly and make sure you can find it in GVNETmodule Utility.
3. Once Found, click on the IP > Configure > Firmware Update > Select firmware to update with.
3. Make sure to include the Username and Password.