GeoVision GV-600 Series Driver Installation Guide for Win Xp

GV-600 Series Driver Installation Guide for Windows XP
for GeoVision
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The instructions below is the detail steps of GV-600 video and audio driver installations for Windows XP, please follow the instructions step by step to finish installation successfully.

*Note: We put GV-600V2 as an example.

For Windows XP

Step 1: Please Plug in GV-600 card into PCI slot and make sure you have connected between video connectors and cameras.

Step 2: Turn on your computer, Windows Wizard will tell you the new device is Multimedia Video Controller, and there are two options at below which is asking how would you like to install the hardware. Please select install from a list or specific location (Advanced) as picture below and press "next". as following picture.

Step 3: The picture below is to choose the location of the driver, please select "include this location in the search" and select the driver path in the CD directory \Driver\GV600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 900, 1000, then press "Next".

Step 4: The warnning message below is asking about compatibility between XP and GV-system, please select "Continue Anyway" to keep install the driver, GV-system do support Windows XP.

Step 5: If you can see the picture below that means you have installed the "GV-600 Video Capture" successfully.

Step 6: The audio installation is the same as steps of video installation, when you finished the driver installations for both audio and video, you should check the device manager to make sure the drivers were installed perfectly as following picture.

Note: GV-600 does not have audio, therefore it will show "GV-600 Audio(NULL)" in device manager.

Notice: Both GV-600V2 and GV600V2_4 have one audio device and one video device as picture above, you must have installed all devices to avoid "Card setup fail" and "Can''''''''t find keypro" message when running GV-system.

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