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Geovision IP 360 FishEye

GV-FE3402 3MP 1.19mm WDR Pro Fisheye Cam 110-FE3402-W00
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Product #: 90011
$354.00 $203.90
GV-FE5302 5MP 1.32mm Fisheye Cam 110-FE5302-000
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Product #: 90012
$560.00 $334.00
 GV-FER5700 H.265 5MP 1.45mm, IR Fisheye Rugged Camera, DC 12V/PoE+ 125-FER5700-000
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Product #: 90013
$690.00 $422.00
GV-SV48000 48MP H.264 Low Lux WDR IR Surround Video IP Camera
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Product #: 99284
$5,999.00 $1,385.00

Geovision IP 360 FishEye

Geovision IP 360 FishEye

What's new with Geovision Fisheye IR LEDs?

GeoVision’s FishEye surveillance cameras provide a 360 degree view of a room with just one discreet security camera. Many people use these to monitor their front porch, an office and many other locations. Each surveillance camera is able to record clear images both day and night. There are many different options for indoor, outdoor use and focal length. Every IP FishEye security camera discreetly records high definition footage. Browse our selection below to find the best fit for your surveillance needs.