GeoVision Determining if you are Having POE Switch Issues

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1. Cameras continually Connect and Disconnect as shown in IP Camera Setup
2. Adding more than X amount of cameras. After X amount of Cameras, the last ones do not connect / can't find on the network
3. Cameras Show some motion, Shows motion in Camera Configure, but not recording at all. Pixel change is below the threshold of actual software recorded motion.
4. Use of a Smart Switch. Please default the switch to make sure your switch goes back to a clean state.
5. Instances in which a camera may work at longer distances as opposed to shorter distances suggests the Camera itself may have problems.


-POE Switch is not providing sufficient power
-POE Switch is not up to a particular POE Specification ( not 802.3AF or 802.3AT Power Specification)
-POE Switch is defective


-If problem is replacing by simply replacing it with a 802.3AF at minimum specified switch
-Using a Geovision POE Switch
-Actually overloading the Switch with more traffic causes problems on other cameras

1. How to know if its not the Camera

-Take off a known working camera and connect the camera that is no longer working. If the camera
that had problems connecting before now connects, definitely a switch issue.

2. How to know its not the software

-Especially if Geovision Cameras can't connect, it definitely is not a software issue

3. How to know its not the network card / Cable

Switch it to a different Network Card and see if it works on the different Network Card. Also make sure to certify the cable

False Positives

Using the same model switch may reintroduce the same problem. Use a different brand and model switch.