GeoVision Center V2 Pro Central Monitoring Station Software


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Most of the alerts can be verified in video evidence before the security guards are dispatched to the site. We have concluded 13 most frequent alert conditions in a security event (see diagram below). As soon as any of the alert conditions occurs, the GV-Center V2 Pro can automatically activate alarms to notify the operators or the authorities designate, such as security station. The security personnel can thus verify the nature of alarms on the spot and take proper actions. Meanwhile an SMS or e-mail message of alerts will be sent to the local GV-System subscriber or other authorities, such as school administrators. This mechanism of GV-Center V2 Pro and its security network can successfully reduce the probability of false alarms.

Product Details

With Center V2, central monitoring station (CMS) can be deployed immediately because it brings multiple GV systems together into an integrated interface, allowing the operator to manage several systems from one point of control. The fundamental function of Center V2 is to attach video evidence with any alerts being sent to the Center V2, which helps the remote-end operator to determine nature of the alarm.
  • View live images from 800 channels of 500 GV-Systems
  • Receive live images on motion detection, alarm, I/O trigger, panic button activation
  • View GV-Systems server information
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Real-time I/O monitoring
  • Receive incident notifications
  • Receive incident notifications

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