GeoVision Capture Box Settings Correct / Prints Fine / Garbage on DVR

All Baud Rate Settings and Switches correspond to the same settings on the Printer Self Test. Correct POS Application Settings and Still Shows Garbage.

Using a Generic Text Driver as opposed to the Serial Driver for That Particular Printer. If it is a Windows Based System, add the Printer with a Generic / Text Driver. Some Stand Alone POS / Terminals may provide options to configure which particular driver is used.

Usually General Troubleshooting for Data Capture Box Are as Follows:

I. Make sure the Printer Prints Correctly ( Tests If the Software Settings are Correct )
-If not, Directly Connect the Printer to the Register and See if it prints fine.
-If it prints Fine, Your Printer Settings are Correct. If not, please adjust your Printer Settings

II. Attach the Data Capture Box to the Register and the Printer to the Data Capture Box

-If its prints at all, that means your Physical Connects are correct. If not, make sure you have the right physical connections.
-If its Prints correctly, that means you have the right switch settings enabled on the Capture Box. If not, adjust the Switch Settings Correctly.

IIIA. Connecting through the Serial Method
-Assuming you have set up your POS Application Settings Correctly and made the right Serial Connections, if you get Text / Garbage, your physical connections
are correct.
-Once you get ant Text / Garbage, you than correct for Baud Rate Settings, Parity, Etc. Until you get it all Working.

IIIB. Connecting through the Ethernet Method
-Assuming you have set up your POS Application Settings correctly and all the connection details are correct, you should get ASCII Text.
-If it shows garbage, than that's why you may want to use a Generic Text Driver on the Sytem.

The Rationale of this troubleshooting Steps Assumes that the particular Serial Printer uses a particular driver which is Written for that Particular Printer as opposed to purely showing text. Using the stock Driver may potentially be in a different format than the normal Generic Text Driver.

Credit: UVS Anthony

NOTE: Please note that If it was working before and you have all the right Settings, than the Data Capture Box Box or one of the Connections is no longer working.

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