GeoVision Cannot login to the FTP server

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    Possible Causes:
  1. Wrong ID/Password.
    While ID is not case-sensitive, password is case-sensitive.
    Each set of ID/Password combination will be valid approximately two weeks from the date in which it was assigned. Verify the ID/Password to see if they are still valid. If not, obtain a new download with your product barcode.
  2. Server connection is full.
    Your connection will be rejected when the server's maximum connection number has been reached. You may try back later in the day or at night in which fewer users will be downloading at the same time.
  3. Multiple connections to the FTP server.
    If you or anyone in your network are alreadying downloading from the FTP server with a different login, you will not be allowed to login again via the same IP address. Wait until they close their connections before you login, or try downloading from a different network, if available.