GeoVision Aldelo POS Integration

Integration Methods which work with Aldelo Point of Sale System

1. Serial / Parallel Printer Integration
Data Capture Box
Windows Based POS System
Standard DB9 Port
POS Application Settings properly Configure
Both POS and DVR on the same subnet if using the Ethernet Method

2. TCP / IP Integration

2A. File Printer Method - Receive all Receipts
Both Systems on the Same Subnet
POS Application Settings properly configured

2B. Journal Method - Receive only Voids / Loss Prevention Stream
Both Systems ont he Same Subnet
POS Application Settings properly configured

Notes on Particular Integration Methods

1. Serial / Parallel Printer
Please follow the instruction guides on the forum on how to best connect the Data Capture Box. If all your settings are correct and you are still getting garbage, please make sure to specify a generic / text drivers when setting up the
particular printer in Windows

2A. File Printer Method
Please search on the forum about how to do this. Please specify the initial printer as the actual printer and the second printer as the Geovision File Printer.

2B. TCP / IP Journal Method
Please be aware this only shows the exceptions, not the actual receipt text that comes out for every transaction. Please download and follow the instructions as follows.

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