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GEM-P1632EXPCDD NAPCO 16/32 Zone Control Panel - NO ENCLOSURE


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Napco Security Technologies, Inc. (NAPCO), incorporated on December 3, 1971, is a diversified manufacturer of security products, including access control systems, door-locking products, intrusion and fire alarm systems and video surveillance products. The Company's products are used for commercial, residential, institutional, industrial and governmental applications, and are sold worldwide principally to independent distributors, dealers and installers of security equipment. The Company's access control systems consist of a range of identification readers, including card readers, hand scanners; a control panel; a personal computer (PC)-based computer, and electronically activated door-locking devices. When an identification card or other identifying information is entered into the reader, the information is transmitted to the control panel/PC, which then validates the data and determines whether to grant access by electronically deactivating the door-locking device. GEM-P1632EXPCDD NAPCO 16/32 Zone Control Panel - NO ENCLOSURE. 8 Hardwire/Wireless Zones on Board, Up to 32 zones with multiplex expansion including 2 2-wire fire zones (7;8). Uses economy GEMEZM4/8 Zone Expansion Module (or standard GEMEZM8). Self-Programming Plus 2 menu-driven self-programming mode with either custom alpha keypad, GEMRP1CAe2 or KA1CA (with Stay and Away keys). Fuse less maintenance-free operation, Up to 32 user codes, Up to 2 areas; partitionable by area, 3 on-board outputs, up to16 external relay outputs (RM3008s), Up to 2 RF receivers, Interior bypass group with programmable automatic interior bypass. Up to 8 X-10 devices supported for 16 different events. 255 event schedule. 400 event log. Uses up to 7 of any of the Classic or K-Series Stay & Away keypads: custom alpha/icon or digital keypads (as shown on right). Programmable Telco line cut supervision with delay.3 keypad panic (F, P, A), Major communicator formats, including: 4/2, SIA, 4+2 and Point ID, plus pager. Backup/double/split reporting; three 20-digit telephone numbers. Dynamic battery test, Reports alarms, restores and troubles by zone. 2 programmable entry delay times. Chime by zone. 8 EOL burglary zones programmable for area, E/E delay, interior, follower, day zone, chime, fire options, sensor watch, swinger shutdown, cross zoning , etc.

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