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Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Flame-Retardant, Small, (96) 1-Fusion/288 Mass-Fusion Splice, 21.9" Width x 8.5" Depth x 4.7" Height, Gray, With Cable Entry Kit, (2) Ground Lug 3M | 2178-S/FR Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Flame-Retardant, Small,


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SKU: 2178-S/FR
Product #: 95966


The compact size of the 2178-S closure makes it ideal for aerial strand, pedestal and hand hole splicing. Specifically designed for inline or butt splicing applications, the closure has two 1.0" cable entry ports per end. The multiport grommet feature provides for simple, flexible and future-proof drop or small diameter branch cable additions. The maximum single fusion and mass fusion splice capacity for the 2178-S closure is 96 and 432, respectively.


  • Multi-Port Grommets Offer Entry for Drops or Cables
  • Easy to Install, Easy to Use and Easy to Re-Enter
  • Perfect for Aerial Strand-Mount, Buried, Pedestal and Underground Application
  • Includes Tray Support, Gasket, Air Valve, Bolts and Cable Strain Relief 6