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F-8KIT1 NAPCO Complete Freedom Kit


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Napco Security Technologies, Inc. (NAPCO), incorporated on December 3, 1971, is a diversified manufacturer of security products, including access control systems, door-locking products, intrusion and fire alarm systems and video surveillance products. The Company's products are used for commercial, residential, institutional, industrial and governmental applications, and are sold worldwide principally to independent distributors, dealers and installers of security equipment. The Company's access control systems consist of a range of identification readers, including card readers, hand scanners; a control panel; a personal computer (PC)-based computer, and electronically activated door-locking devices. When an identification card or other identifying information is entered into the reader, the information is transmitted to the control panel/PC, which then validates the data and determines whether to grant access by electronically deactivating the door-locking device. F-8KIT1 NAPCO Complete Freedom Kit. The revolutionary code-free system as easy as locking the door, eliminates call backs, account attrition and 100% of false alarms caused during exit/entry (the times 85% all false alarms occur in traditional systems. Napcos Freedom System installs in as little as an hour and uses all standard Gemini Wireless. Starting with a conventional, NAPCO downloadable 8-zone hybrid control, it features a unique, deadbolt lock interface and codeless, easy-install Freedom Touchpad with built in UL siren and built in UL pet PIR sensor. Nothing to touch on the door - lock insert interfaces with existing deadbolt locks and transmits wirelessly. 6 Programmable Hardwire or Wireless Zones, 2 Wireless Zones* and 2-Wire Fire (*Note: These 2 zones are hardwired when system includes a second Touchpad). Supports all Gemini Transmitters using Gemini GEMRECVXP8 Wireless Receiver. 50 Event Log, No exit/entry countdowns, eliminates user-caused false alarms when they most frequently occur. To prevent false alarms when arming, during a pre-arm period, the system looks for motion, in all its motion sensors and touchpad PIR sensors, and if detected, automatically converts to Armed STAY, (solely turning on perimeter protection). Programmable Telco Line-Cut and Bell-Cut Supervision, Fuseless, maintenance-free operation, PCD-WINDOWS PC Programmable (Version 5.2 or higher) including PC-Preset unattended downloading, UL listed.

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