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DTKIBNC68 Camera Video Line Protection - BNC "In Line" Connection - 6.8V Clamp


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DITEK Corporation has been the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of surge protection devices and systems for more than 20 years. DITEK provides total surge solutions for low voltage CCTV, Fire and Intrusion, Access Control, and Voice/Data/Signal applications, including VOIP and POE. We also offer a complete line of hardwired suppressors and arrestors for main and distribution panels, as well as point of use equipment. Our advanced technical expertise and state-of-the art ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facility guarantees our customers leading edge technologies at competitive pricing with off-the-shelf availability through our global distribution partnerships. DITEK is looking for a Sales Development Specialist to make 50+ outbound calls per day to generate and qualify leads through warm and cold calling.DITEK’s Low Voltage Line Protector series of signal, data and loop circuit surge protectors provide strong protection in a compact hard wire package.Ditek's inline coaxial surge protectors are designed for applications where a dedicated ground is impossible or impractical. Since there is no external ground, the iBNC protects video feeds without introducing ground loops. Fast and easy installation and solid performance make these a favorite of professional CCTV systems integrators. Fixed or Coaxitron PTX camera surge protector. Features of this products are Small footprint makes installation easy.Recommended for applications where AC power is already protected and ground is unavailable.Fixed cameras. This products related with Ditek corporation company. This is a very good company.

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