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DTK-120/240HD2FM Home Surge Protector With Flush Mount


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SKU: DTK-120/240HD2FM
Product #: 59646


DITEK’s HD2 is engineered to be the finest 120/240V surge protector in its class. The HD2 combines strong surge protection, EMI/RFI filtering, and low let-through voltage in a compact package. The HD2 is perfect for residential surge protection. The HD2 has 100,000A of surge current capacity and diagnostic LEDs to indicate power and surge protection status. Parallel connected AC surge protector. Available in standard or flush mount enclosure. Without very thick insulation, which is generally cost prohibitive, most conductors running more than a minimal distance, say greater than about 50 feet, will experience lightning-induced transients at some time during use. Because the transient is usually initiated at some point between the two ends of the conductor, most applications install a surge arrester just before the conductor lands in each piece of equipment to be protected. Each conductor must be protected, as each will have its own transient induced, and each SPD must provide a pathway to earth to safely divert the transient away from the protected component. The one notable exception where they are not installed at both ends is in high voltage distribution systems. In general, the induced voltage is not sufficient to do damage at the electric generation end of the lines; however, installation at the service entrance to a building is key to protecting downstream products that are not as robust. Transients similar to lightning-induced such as from a high voltage system's fault switching, may also be safely diverted to ground; however continuous overcurrents are not protected against by these devices.

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