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DM/ECO9C/300B Dedicated Micros 9-way, 300GB DVMR w/CD PPP, w/Networking, compact 60 PPS


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DM/ECO9C/300B Dedicated Micros 9-way, 300GB DVMR w/CD PPP, w/Networking, compact 60 PPS. Designed to have the "look and feel" of a traditional CCTV system, Eco9 offers familiar multiplexer and VCR style control keys and its user-friendly step by step menus keep installation and employee training to an absolute minimum. There's only one box to install so it's a quick and easy installation. Just plug in up to 9 cameras, and any external devices such as a CD-R, power-up and the unit automatically starts recording. You don't need a VCR to record images anymore because they are stored on a hard disk inside the unit. The removal of tape management issues and VCR maintenance costs means that Eco9 provides a hassle free solution. You never need to worry about rewinding, changing or replacing tapes again. When the available hard disk space is full, Eco9 automatically begins recording over the oldest video. Any periods of recorded video can be manually protected to prevent them from being overwritten. Not only do you get crystal clear digital image quality, digital images do not degrade - the image stays the same no matter how many times it is copied. Digital also gives you perfect picture pause with no distortion - and tear free rewind and fast forward. The Eco9 provides continuous high quality digital recording for over 1 month at standard record settings**. Access to images is quick and easy at the simple touch of one button or via powerful GOTO and event preview facilities. All recordings have built-in tamper proof mechanisms, so it's impossible to tamper with either individual images or sequences of images without detection. Digitally signed images can copied to an external CD-R***. Each CD created includes playback software that will simply auto-run on your PC. No need to worry about investing in any additional playback equipment. Visible Deterrent. We believe that prevention is better than cure! Eco9's additional professional live monitor display acts as an excellent deterrent to would be shoplifters and intruders, as well as helping to reassure your customers and employees of a safe, secure environment. Everyday retailers deal with turnover through stock shrinkage and various forms of cash shrinkage such as employees under ringing, and making voids. Eco9 has a covert or hidden camera option to put a stop to any suspected employee theft. Perhaps you want to view your premises during off hours or you simply want to keep an eye on what's going on. With Eco9 you can monitor live and recorded images of your business from a standard PC. The Eco 9 has two main options for remote viewing Ð via a dial-up modem or using a standard Ethernet or broadband connection. Dial-up is for use in applications where there is no high-speed network available. It enables you to view images on the unit at any time with the use of a standard modem and telephone line. In networked applications, Eco9 uses a standard Ethernet connection to provide remote monitoring capabilities either on a LAN, WAN or the Internet. Images are viewed remotely using Dedicated Micros FREE network viewer software, or via a standard Internet browser. Mac and Linux users can access the unit via web pages using Netscape 4.78 browsers. Using the included network viewer software, recordings can be downloaded as industry standard JPEG images or AVI movies for review by law enforcement agencies. Supports dial-up modem connection via RS-232 serial port, which allows either direct connection or a dial-up connection using a Hayes AT compatible modem. **Factory default settings of 3pps at 18KB file size ***Please check the website for compatible SCSI CD-R product.

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