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DM/ECO4C/40 Dedicated Micros 4-way, 40GB DVMR w/CD, PPP, w/ Networking, compact, 30 PPS


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Dedicated Micros & AD Network Video Corporate Overview highlights the real business benefits by choosing AD's specialised video and fire solutions. The Group has been operating globally for over 30 years providing integrated networked video surveillance products and management solutions to wide range of sectors including retail, banking, education, healthcare, transport and infrastructure. Technological developments pioneered by DM have formed the building blocks for the success of today's CCTV industry, earning the company a reputation as one of the industry's foremost innovative forces and the name behind some of the most advanced surveillance equipment on the market. DM/ECO4C/40 Dedicated Micros 4-way, 40GB DVMR w/CD, PPP, w/ Networking, compact, 30 PPS . Until now a low cost DVR has typically meant a reduction in quality, functionality or ease of use, reducing the value of switching from analogue to digital. Eco4 breaks the mould for an affordable DVR, providing the quality, ease of use and reliability that has made Dedicated Micros products renowned while preserving the key functionality required in a professional system. Eco4 is the ideal system for small businesses considering replacing a time-lapse VCR and multiplexer for the first time. For those requiring more functionality than that included in Eco4, D4 offers additional features and performance for cost sensitive applications. Now Eco4 is available with a CD writer built in, providing a quick and easy way of copying relevant footage to standard CD media. Everything is contained in one box and is immediately available -no cumbersome cables, no problems mounting extra boxes, no hanging around waiting for additional equipment to arrive. Simply press the copy button; select the required start and stop times to create a CD that the police can take away with them. Audio and other data related to the images is copied with the video to complete the understanding of the event. Images copied to CD are automatically played back when the CD is inserted into a Windows PC, with no additional software to install. Serial RS-485 telemetry to control a wide selection of domes. Support for external Telemetry Keyboard for dome control. 320GB Model and support for RAID/JBOD over SCSI to extend record duration. Buzzer and IR Remote Control included improving user interface. Motion Search to detect motion in previously recorded video. Hard drive size is 40GB.

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