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DM/ECO16C/300B Dedicated Micros 16-way, 300GB DVMR w/CD, PPP, w/ Networking, compact, 60 PPS


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Dedicated Micros & AD Network Video Corporate Overview highlights the real business benefits by choosing AD's specialised video and fire solutions. The Group has been operating globally for over 30 years providing integrated networked video surveillance products and management solutions to wide range of sectors including retail, banking, education, healthcare, transport and infrastructure. DM/ECO16C/300B Dedicated Micros 16-way, 300GB DVMR w/CD, PPP, w/ Networking, compact, 60 PPS. Until now a low cost DVR has typically meant a reduction in quality, functionality or ease of use, reducing the value of switching from analogue to digital. Eco16 breaks the mould for an affordable DVR, providing the quality, ease of use and reliability that has made Dedicated Micros products renowned while preserving the key functionality required in a professional system. The Eco16 is ideally suited for small business applications as it provides access to up to 16 cameras, a choice of 160GB, 300GB or 500GB hard drives and record rates of up to 50pps (PAL) 60pps (NTSC). With NetVu Connected technology built-in, the Eco16 further enhances the NetVu Connected range of products and offers the capability to view live, recorded and archived video on a networked PC using DM’s NetVu ObserVer viewing software. Eco16 is the ideal system for small to medium size businesses considering replacing a time-lapse VCR and multiplexer for the first time. 16 Camera inputs, Easy fit non loop through connectors, QCIF, CIF, 2CIF support. NetVu Connected Technology guarantees interoperability with the growing range of NetVu Connected products Controlled via NetVu ObserVer, 16 Camera specific alarm inputs, Simple configuration web pages, Low cost entry level digital solution for small business applications. Recording of up to 60pps (NTSC) 50pps (PAL), Quick and easy to install, just plug & record out of box. Flexible multi screen, quad display and picture in picture viewing, Simultaneous record, playback, background image archiving, remote viewing and playback with no loss of performance. 1 global alarm input, Removes the need for VCR tapes or maintenance, Spot Monitor as well as Main Monitor Output provides a visible deterrent, Integrated CD-R (CD Writer) for data back-up, Full remote control and observation over local Ethernet, Broadband Internet or dial up Modem connection, Covert Camera Functionality.

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