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Dedicated Micros DM/DVPR16NT30/A 16 Channel, 30 days, 240 PPS, 2 TB HDD


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Dedicated Micros DM/DVPR16NT30/A 16 Channel, 30 days, 240 PPS, 2 TB HDD. The Dedicated Micros Hybrid DV-IP RT is a stand-alone high-performance recording solution designed for installations requiring high record rates, resolution quality and network capabilities. Available in 8, 16 and 32 input versions, the unit's recording capabilities of 480 PPS allows up to 16 cameras to be simultaneously recorded at full 4CIF resolution and in real-time. To give operators maximum viewing flexibility, the DV-IP RT supports the option of an HDMI or composite Main monitor. Features 8, 16 & 32 video channel models, Up to 30 PPS per video channel at 4CIF recording resolution; 480 PPS total. Simultaneous IP*, megapixel and analog streaming and recording, HDMi output for high resolution viewing. Lip sync audio available on each camera (8 and 16 channel models). 3 USB ports and built-in DVD-R writer; up to 2.0TB internal HDD storage. Managed Storage Unit via a SATA connection to expand storage capacity up to 10TB. Flexible control options include IR remote, keyboard, USB mouse or remote client. NetVu Connected - ensures interoperability of all Dedicated Micros NetVu connected products and third-party integration products. MultiMode Recording - dynamically switchable resolution, record rate and compression per camera (MPEG-4 & JPEG). Trans Coding - maximizes data transmission over available bandwidth for efficient remote viewing. Simultaneous record, playback, image archiving and live viewing. Same local and remote user interface for programming, administration and remote viewing. Color-coded soft key menus provide consistent operation regardless of the control device used. Video Timeline for the control and navigation of playback video; color-coded soft keys allow incremental video search in seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks. Access up to 1,980 cameras from the local control of the DV-IP RT using Embedded NetVu Console. Map set-up to quickly and easily select cameras and navigate around the CCTV system. Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) control -- via PTZ keyboard using Coaxitron and most popular protocols; Dedicated Micros Oracle dome can be controlled using the new Point&Go feature by clicking an area of the monitor with a mouse. ePTZ to reveal detailed information in an image that simple pixel-stretching digital zoom commands cannot.

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