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Dedicated Micros Digital Remote Keyboard


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Dedicated Micros & AD Network Video Corporate Overview highlights the real business benefits by choosing AD's specialised video and fire solutions. The Group has been operating globally for over 30 years providing integrated networked video surveillance products and management solutions to wide range of sectors including retail, banking, education, healthcare, transport and infrastructure. Technological developments pioneered by DM have formed the building blocks for the success of today's CCTV industry, earning the company a reputation as one of the industry's foremost innovative forces and the name behind some of the most advanced surveillance equipment on the market. A catalogue of prestigious award wins reflects this dedication to innovation and excellence, including 'IP in Security Innovation Award' in 2009 for Best Software Product for Emergency Messaging System, a PSI Premier Award for Product Innovation of the Year (2008) for the high performance CCTV recording and transmission solution – High Vu Excel. In previous years Dedicated Micros has won many awards such as two BSIA Security Industry Awards, Best Security Manufacturer Award at the Security Excellence Awards and a Product Showcase Award at ISC West. Dedicated Micros Digital Remote Keyboard. The Dedicated Micros remote digital keyboard means that Dedicated Micros DVR's can now be controlled locally on the unit's integrated keyboard and/or 'remotely' to the unit with the DS remote keyboard. The DS remote keyboard communicates with the DVR's over the 485-bus giving scope for locating the keyboard up to 1.5KM* (4900ft) from the DVR, ideal for applications where a Gate House or Security Lodge is located a distance from the installed unit. Using the 485-bus also means that multiple keyboards (up to 16** in total) can be connected to the same DVR, supporting multiple Operator Control Stations. This is the starting point for building several DVR's into a single system and offering control from any location. The remote keyboard also introduces PTZ control which again increases the functionality already supported on the DVR. The introduction of the 3-axis joystick means that an Operator can easily control the pan, tilt and zoom functionality with one simple movement and the additional telemetry buttons ensures that any feature supported on the 3rd Party PTZ or dome camera can be accessed and controlled via the DS keyboard. The combination of the DVR and the digital keyboard makes the Dedicated Micros DVR 'system' potential huge!. To achieve this distance a remote keyboard junction box and power supply will be required. The D4 DVR range only supports a single remote keyboard.

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