With this 128 Channel Ultra HD 4K NVR, you're dealing with a monster NVR capable of dealing with large areas like hotels, shopping malls, casinos, office buildings and Palm Beach mansions! Pair this with some of our 8MP or 12 MP cameras and your 4K monitor and you'll see detail like never before!

This has a dual-core processor and an embedded Linux O/S so there's no need for any additional software or cards to install. Once you receive it, attach a monitor (choice of HDMI or VGA), hook it up to your network, configure your cameras and be ready to be blown away by the sharpness and clarity of your video.

After setup you'll even be able to view it on your web enabled smart device from anywhere and you can set this to send you notifications triggered by motion or set off alarms like sirens or horns.

Feel confident knowing that with images this clear, law enforcement can distinguish tattoos, facial features and details that can help with criminal prosecution if you are ever the victim of a crime against you or your property!

You have plenty of room for storage with 8 hard drive slots that offer you the ability to swap them out as needed even when the NVR is running (hot swappable) and if you still need more storage space, you can utilize any of the 4 USB ports for a flash drive or the eSATA port for an external drive. 


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