DA-4 Louroe Electronics Distributions Amplifier


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Manufacturer: Louroe Electronics


Audio Distribution Amplifier with one audio input and four audio outputs. It receives line level audio signals from the Louroe microphone and distributes it to up to four sources - VCR, DVR, CCTV monitors with amplifiers or other audio devices that accept line level input (0db @ 600omhs). Each output has a gain adjust potentiometer for correcting audio level. Maximum gain when potentiometer is fully engaged is 15dB.


  • Model Number - DA-4
  • Type of audio input connection (1) - RCA
  • Type of audio output connection (4) - RCA
  • Maximum gain (per output) - +15dB
  • Output - Line Level (0dB @ 1Kohm)
  • Power input - 12VDC, 500mA
  • Dimensions - 6 1/8"L x 4 5/8"W x 1 7/8"H
  • Weight - 1.5lbs

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