DA-4 Louroe Electronics Distributions Amplifier


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Audio Distribution Amplifier with one audio input and four audio outputs. It receives line level audio signals from the Louroe microphone and distributes it to up to four sources - VCR, DVR, CCTV monitors with amplifiers or other audio devices that accept line level input (0db @ 600omhs). Each output has a gain adjust potentiometer for correcting audio level. Maximum gain when potentiometer is fully engaged is 15dB.


  • Model Number - DA-4
  • Type of audio input connection (1) - RCA
  • Type of audio output connection (4) - RCA
  • Maximum gain (per output) - +15dB
  • Output - Line Level (0dB @ 1Kohm)
  • Power input - 12VDC, 500mA
  • Dimensions - 6 1/8"L x 4 5/8"W x 1 7/8"H
  • Weight - 1.5lbs

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