GeoVision Center V2 Installation and Configuration

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1. On PC dedicated to running CenterV2, insert install CD or run Setup program to start the GeoVision install utility. From this menu, select Install GeoVision V8.X.X.X System.

2. Using the arrow buttons, navigate throught the possible programs to install until you encounter GeoVision Center V2. Click on the text and follow the install instructions. You will be asked to restart the computer.

3. Launch Center V2 System amd click on the button labeled Accounts.

4. From this window, you can create groups and users that can connect to the CenterV2 system. You can do this by choosing one of the buttons within the red rectangle.

5. Choose a Login ID and Password and also enter in any user information if you choose. When finished, click on OK.

6. In the next window, you are given options to configure the image size and recording mode for this user. When you are done configuring, click on OK.

7. The next 3 steps involve configuration MultiCam on each DVR you want to connect to Center V2.

8. On computer running MultiCam, click on the network button and then choose Connect to CenterV2.

9. In the Login Information window, enter in the IP address of the computer running CenterV2 and enter in the proper user information created from step 5. Click on OK to save changes.

10. Click on Connect and if everything has been entered in correctly, you should successfully connect to the Center V2 system and you will see text indicating that in the right hand column.

11. On the computer running Center V2, you should now see the MultiCam system as logged in with the user you had created. To view any of the cameras there, just right click on the camera and select Live View.

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