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Camera DC Power Supply


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- Input 88-264 V AC
- Output 12V DC,4channels
- 5 Amp Supply Current
- Integral Surge Protection
- Individual LED Power Indication
- Individual PTC Output Protection
- Max. Amp: 1.6Amp/ch


Specification 60W12V5A4P
Shape Dimension 24.5×20.8×8.7cm
Weight 2.02KG

Input Voltage 88~264VAC
Input Voltage Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
Average Input Current 100Vac≤1.0A
Efficiency ≥80%

Output Voltage 12VDC±5%
Output Current 5A,4channels for 4 sets load
Output Ripple Noise(Vp-p)
Rated input voltage & Output rated load
reply time of starting up ≤3S Input 100Vac,Output rated load


Type /Rating PTC 1.6A/60V

Over voltage protection: When over voltage occurs, it will be switch to self-protection status to protect the load.
Over current protection: When over current occurs, the corresponding channel output will automatically switch to self-protection status, and the other channels output work normally, when clearing of fault, then switch back to normal.
short-circuit protection: When short-circuit occurs, individual PTC fuse will breakthe circuit, when clearing of fault, it switch back to normal automatically.

Working Temperature 0℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -20℃~+80℃
RH 20%~90%
Heat release Natural heat dissipation

Input Three-pin socket
Output 4channels output

Dielectric Strength
Input to output 1500Vac/60S leakage current≤1.5ma
Input to FG 1500Vac/60S leakage current≤2.0ma
FG to output 500Vac/60S leakage current≤1.5ma


Insulating strength

Input to output ≥20MΩ/500VDC@25℃


Leakage Current

≤0.12ma @AC110V(220V)/25℃
RG ≤0.011Ω@DC8V/25A/25℃


Inspection Equipment
YF9901 Digital Power Meter MW –MOS-620 20MHz Oscillograph
DZ2672A Hi-pot Tester VC9802A DMM
IT815 300W/0-120V Electronic Load DZ2620 Leak Resistance Tester
WB2678A RG Teste

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