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Bolide Technology Group BE-CORNER Corner Mount Bracket Adapter


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The Bolide Technology Group manufactured color CCTV camera hidden inside the middle of a neck tie. This type of camera is best suited for portable hidden surveillance applications and in particular for use by law enforcement personnel during sting operations. Because of its portable nature, this camera's potential is most realized when paired with a portable DVR, like the Bolide PVR-330, to complete a portable camera/recorder system. The camera comes as a package complete with power supply and battery pack. A standard RCA connector on the camera provides easy plug and play operation to a TV or VCR/DVR. The model is Bolide Technology Group BE-CORNER Corner Mount Bracket Adapter. The Bolide Technology Group BE-CORNER corner mount adapter is designed to attach to a wall mount bracket, allowing a Bolide PTZ camera to be sturdily mounted to the corner of a wall on the inside or outside of a building. A corner mount bracket has the added advantage of allowing the use of a single installed camera to monitor two sides of a wall. The product is featured by adapter for wall mount bracket. For PTZ camera. Sturdy metal construction. Other features include on-screen-menu for easy camera configuration, multi-protocol, coordination display, presets, patterns and more. The unique design of the BC1009/SPDN1000 makes this camera the easiest one to install and operate.

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