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ATLAS 550 quad S/T BRI Module


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The ATLAS Series of enterprise integrated access devices (IADs) is a versatile integrated access platform for converging voice, video and data. It offers modular platforms that support T3, T1, PRI, ISDN and frame relay; and can be configured to meet multiple networking requirements in a cost-effective solution. Network interface modules includes a variety of WAN connectivity options while user modules provide analog voice and a host of data, video and backup connectivity options.


  • Consolidates voice and data circuits and bandwidth sharing
  • Integrates many networking functions into a modular, economical chassis
  • Cost-effective system for lowering monthly telecom costs
  • ISDN PRI to T1, BRI or analog conversion and oversubscription features, ISDN PRI/BRI switching
  • Multi-T1/PRI DACsing and grooming, WAN emulation, videoconferencing
  • Support for T3 applications acting as a 3/1/0 DACs and groom or IAD
  • Integral switchboard and dial plan for intelligent call switching, overbooking and number substitution



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