AOP-SP Bi-directional Speakerphones


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AOP-SP Bi-directional Speakerphones

Model AOP-SP is a speakerphone designed for interfacing with video-over-phone-line transmission systems. It contains a built-in microphone and 4? speaker for providing bi-directional audio. It has controls for adjusting the sensitivity and volume control of both transmitted and received audio. Faceplate of the AOP-SP is stainless steel.


The AOP-SP speakerphone is used only with video-over-phone-line systems. It is located at the remote end, and provides bi-directional audio to the head-end of the system. The AOP-SP connects to companion unit, Louroe Model AOP-XD tranceiver interface, which in turn provides connection to the video system?s tranceiver. It also supplies 24 Vdc power to the AOP-SP.


  • AOP-SP - Bi-directional Speakerphones for use only with video-over-phone line transmissions.
  • Located at remote end of system, between Louroe speakerphone (AOP-SP)
  • Transceiver interface for bi-directional audio (talk/listen)
  • Accommodates up to four AOP-SP speakerphones
  • Built-in filters for noise reduction
  • Omni-directional microphone and 4" speaker.
  • Stainless Steel faceplate.
  • 6" x 8" x 4" backbox included.
  • Power LED on faceplate. 
  • Internal controls for adjusting volume

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