AC5W 5" Wall Speaker


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AC5W 5" Wall Speaker is designed for use indoors or in a covered outdoor setting. Play music, ambient noise, pages or any audio of your choice with this 3-Way speaker system that fits flush with the wall. Paint the white border to match any setting. The included Kwik Klamps allow for hassle-free mounting. The Audio Source plays back an Audio Clip in the scene. The clip can be played to an audio listener or through an audio mixer. The audio source can play any type of Audio Clip and can be configured to play these as 2D, 3D, or as a mixture (SpatialBlend). The audio can be spread out between speakers (stereo to 7.1) (Spread) and morphed between 3D and 2D (SpatialBlend). This can be controlled over distance with falloff curves. Also, if the listener is within one or multiple Reverb Zones, reverberation is applied to the source. Individual filters can be applied to each audio source for an even richer audio experience. See Audio Effects for more details.