55-JOYSK-121 Geovision Joystick for PTZ Control


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DVR  sometimes referred to by the merchandising term personal video recorder (PVR), is a consumer electronics device or application software that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD or other local or networked mass storage device. The term includes set-top boxes (STB) with direct to disk recording facility, portable media players (PMP) with recording, TV gateways with network and local recordings, recorders (PMR) as camcorders that record onto Secure Digital memory cards and software for personal computers which enables video capture and playback to and from a hard disk drive.The 55-JOYSK-121 is a GV joystick from Geovision that is capable of providing full control over PTZ devices when connected with the GV-system. The55-JOYSK-121 GV joystick comes with multiple protocol communication support, a 5V/50mA power supply, a wide operating temperature, plus is capable of facilitating functions such as pan, tilt, and zoom for accurate surveillance monitoring. The 55-JOYSK-121 joystick is user friendly, and able to be easily installed for increased system operation. Hard-disk based digital video recorders make the "time shifting" feature (traditionally done by a VCR) much more convenient, and also allow for "trick modes" such as pausing live TV, instant replay of interesting scenes, chasing playback where a recording can be viewed before it has been completed, and skipping of advertising. Most DVRs use the MPEG format for compressing the digitized video signals.[7] Video recording capabilities have become an essential part of the modern set-top box, as TV viewers have wanted to take control of their viewing experiences. As consumers have been able to converge increasing amounts of video content on their set-tops, delivered by traditional ‘broadcast’ cable, satellite and terrestrial as well as IP networks, the ability to capture programming and view it whenever they want has become a must-have function for many consumers. FPS or Frames Per Second refers to the speed at which the camera records and plays back video. At 30fps, the live video display and playback is completely fluid just like a television show. Slower speeds mean less fluid video, resulting in "choppier" playback. For a system with a PC Card, the card controls how many FPS can be recorded at once, and these must be split evenly between the number of cameras plugged into the card.

  • Model Number: GV-JOYSTICK
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 55-JOYSK-121
  • PTZ camera control
  • Works on GV-System independently
  • Compatible w/ GV-Keyboard


The GV-Joystick facilitates the PTZ camera control such as pan, tilt, zoom and focus. It can work on the GV-System independently, and its compatibility with GV-Keyboard empowers the operation of GV-System as well.


  • Model Number - GV-JOYSTICK
  • USB 2.0 - Connects to PC
  • RJ-45 - Connects to GV-Keyboard
  • DC IN - DC 5V 50mA
  • Operation temperature - 0~50C
  • Humidity - 5 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions - 160 (W) x 90 (H) x 118 (D) mm

55-JOYSK-110 Spec Sheet

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