55-GS05-000 Geovision Geographic Information System - 5 Additional Mobile Connections


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  • Model Number: GV-GIS-5
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 55-GS05-000
  • 5 Additional Mobile Connections
  • GIS central management system
  • Real-time vehicle GPS coordinates
  • Real-time vehicle video
  • Support for optional Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and user-defined maps
  • Monitoring up to 500 vehicles at one time
  • Tracking route playback
  • Detecting detours in a planned route or area
  • Alert notification
  • Able to add user defined emap for camera location inside building
  • Customized landmark (point of interest , or POI) setting
  • Integration with GV-Video Server, GV-Compact DVR, GV-IP Camera, GV-System and GV-NVR

55-GS05-000 Spec Sheet

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