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4 Bullet Security DVR Kit for Business Professional Grade


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Hard Drive:
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Remote Login Support:

The Company offers a complete line of Safety and Security, CCTV, access products. The Model is 4 Bullet Security DVR Kit for Business Professional Grade. The camera is featured by Sony Effio Technology. 1/3-Inch Sony, Digital Signal Processing. 650 Max TV Lines Resolution. 0.01 Lux. Automatic Gain Control (AGC). Automatic White Balance. Shipping Weight: 1 lb. If you're looking for a truly compact or stealth style camera that won't sacrifice crisp and clear picture quality, here it is! Absolutely perfect for surveillance systems where you don't want cameras exposed, the Mini Bullet Color Camera offers low-profile visibility and still provides incredibly sharp images. This camera can be placed virtually anywhere! With its remarkable design, the Mini Bullet Color Camera can be used outdoors with its weatherproof capability and the included mounting screw.OSD Control OSD means On Screen Display, but do not confuse this with a screen being located on the actual camera itself. OSD is a feature that will allow you to bring up a list of video adjustment options on your TV or monitor that will be used to project your camera's image.  The DVR is featured by Up to 4 cameras with 960H real time preview. H.264 dual-stream video compression. All channel 960H real time. HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output. 4 channel synchronous real time playback, GRID interface & smart search. 3D intelligent positioning with IMaxCamPro PTZ dome camera. Support 1 SATA HDD up to 4TB, 2 USB2.0. Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS(DSS/Smart PSS)&Smart Phone(IMaxCam). Must be a reseller of this product as the company is a leading global provider of power and transmission technologies for professional security system applications.This kit comes with four mini bullet surveillance cameras that are discreet enough for low-key surveillance. The security cameras record up to 30 frames per second with a 650TVL resolution. The kit also comes with four 50 foot Siamese cables, power supply and a 4 channel DVR. View footage remotely with the free mobile app and software.


SmartPSS software
Click/Tap on image for a more detailed view.


What’s Included:

· (1) 4 Channel DVR Recorder
· (4) Mini Bullet Cameras
· (4) 50' Siamese Cable
· (1) 4 Camera Power Supply
· Free mobile apps and monitoring software
· Free lifetime technical support

Key Features:

· 4 Channel DVR: Record 4 individual cameras directly onto the DVR.

· (4) 650TVL Bullet Camera: 650TVL resolution video, 30fps.

· Real-Time HD 1080P Output Resolution: Enjoy next generation 1080P High Definition output that provides more vivid detail from your recordings.

· HDMI & VGA Ports: Take full advantage of high definition video by using either HDMI or VGA cables.

· Remote Monitoring through our Free Apps: Download our free apps and view live footage and recordings right on your compatible smartphone or tablet.

· PC and Mac Compatible: Take advantage of the flexibility that our systems offer and review your recordings from any Mac or PC.

· Easy Backup Options: Save footage directly to a USB flash drive or to your PC in seconds flat. Options are also available to backup footage simultaneously to FTP servers on your network, in the case that your main HDD should fail.

iMaxCam DVR Features:

  • 1920×1080, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720 and 1024 x 768 HDMI and/or VGA Output
  • Auto Overwrite / Loop Recording
  • Simultaneous multiple hi- res monitor output
  • Network Sub-stream Capable
  • New Central Monitoring System
  • H.264 WITH Multi-Channel Simultaneous Playback
  • E-Map Function Support
  • Pentaplex operation
  • Real Time Recording/Playback
  • USB DVD/CD and Flash Drive Backup
  • 1 SATA HDD Port
  • Up to 4 Terabyte Internal Storage
  • Mobile View (Supports Windows Mobile)
  • Synced Audio Recording/Playback
  • Intuitive GUI
  • MAC Surveillance Software available
  • 1 Year Warranty

Additional DVR Features:

Plug and Play right out the Box: The simple to use instructions and setup seamlessly allow you to turn on your DVR recorder, plug in your cameras and the system is ready to record!

H.264 Real-time Recording and Playback: Its H.264 compression greatly reduces the size of your digital video files without compromising image quality (compared to other compression standards such as M-JPEG and MPEG-4). H.264 is a stable, proven compression technology, which offers unbeatable recording picture quality while at the same time saving you valuable hard drive storage space.
h.264 Compression

Remote Monitoring: Don’t have immediate access to your NVR? Then don’t worry. You can effortlessly log onto your recordings by accessing them on any compatible internet ready device.
Free Remote Access Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone and tablets

Central Monitoring System: Have more than one location? Well accessing each one of them on a different IP address is a thing of the past with our standard CMS software that allows you to painlessly link an almost unlimited number of recorders and cameras all to the same IP Address.
Free CMS Software PSS

Multiple Playback and Recording Options: The multiple recording options allows you to set your NVR to record on a set schedule, continuous around-the-clock recording or to further conserve hard drive space only when motion is detected. You can also select the number of cameras to view on one screen or hide certain ones from other users using the multiple playback features.
Motion Detection or Around the Clock Recording

E-map Function Support:
The E-map feature provides a camera icon that represents the location of cameras on a map of a building or area, helping you to strategically place your cameras in the spots where surveillance is most needed. The detail this function provides is essential in saving time and the hassle of repositioning your cameras to achieve the desired viewing space.
Emap function for expansive properties like a college campus

Push Alerts & Automatic E-mail: Setup your DVR to automatically send you an e-mail alert or a Push notification with video clip every time there is a motion triggered event. This enables you to quickly take action when an incident has occurred.
<imgclass="image-width-100" src="http://www.worldeyecam.com/store/images/static_images/push.jpg" alt="Push Notification or E-Mail Alerts are easy to configure" border="0" />

HRC650 Mini Bullet Camera Features:

· Sony Effio Technology
· 1/3-Inch Sony
· Digital Signal Processing
· 650 Max TV Lines Resolution
· 0.01 Lux
· Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
· Automatic White Balance
· Shipping Weight: 1 lb.

Additional Camera Features:

If you're looking for a truly compact or stealth style camera that won't sacrifice crisp and clear picture quality, here it is! Absolutely perfect for surveillance systems where you don't want cameras exposed, the Mini Bullet Color Camera offers low-profile visibility and still provides incredibly sharp images.
Megapixel quality means catching the small details

Vandal Proof: The vandal proof housing built around these cameras deliver that added satisfaction that they are built to last in any life situation.
Vandal resistant Dome camera

Weather Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Dome Camera: The camera enclosure is built to withstand even the harshest of conditions including ultra heavy rain, snow, and extreme hot weather conditions.
IP66 rated for indoor or outdoor use

Custom System Design:
Worldeyecam offers free consultation and system design, so if the bundled kits don't have what you need don't hesitate to call us! 1-888-211-2288 Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM Pacific time.
Free System Design and Consultation

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Mobile App

QR Code Scan P2P iPhone Android iOS instructions

How to enable remote viewing without Port-Forwarding

We offer our own WorldEyeCam mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Our mobile apps allow you to remotely view your DVR and cameras from anywhere on the world. In this guide we will show you how to setup P2P or QR Code Scanning setup. No Port-Forwarding Needed.

Easy remote Viewing
P2P/QR Code Easy Setup

To access the P2P or QR code screen, you must first power on your recorder. Right click and select Main Menu->Setup->Network->P2P and the P2P/QR code will display.

You must check the box to enable P2P function and then click Apply to save at bottom of screen.


Make sure that your NVR/DVR is connected to your modem/router with a CAT5/Ethernet cable. Once P2P has been enabled please go to TCP/IP section inside of the network screen. Enable “DHCP” inside of the Network settings and save. Once DHCP has been enabled you will need to reboot the system.


Upon rebooting navigate back to the P2P setting to the system and scan the code with your mobile iMaxCam app and from this point you should be able to see the cameras.



How to setup the iPhone app with the P2P/QR Code

Step 1: Open the iMaxCam app and tap on Camera.

Step 2: Tap the menu icon on the top left corner to access the menu as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Tap the DEVICE MANAGER option to enter your DVR/NVR login information

Step 4: Once in device manager tap the plus sign button (+), in the top right corner to advance to the next screen.

Step 5: In the add device screen, select P2P

Step 6: In this Screen you need to tap the QR code icon on the right where the S/N field is.

Once you tap on QR Code icon the camera of your phone will start, go ahead and scan the code.

Name: DVR

S/N: Tap on the icon to scan the QR Code

User Name: admin (default)

Password: admin (default)

Step 7: Press the “Start Live Preview” button to start watching the cameras.

Viewing the live camera feed from your Integrator Series Network Video Recorder, or NVR, through a mobile device is simple, and can be done in less than five minutes. If you have used our G4MX App you will find it’s very similar, but if you haven’t, that’s okay too. As in the tutorial for iMaxCam, In this short tutorial we’ll be showing you how to setup your live security camera feed on your mobile device via the peer-to-peer, or P2P method, using a QR Code Scanning setup. Think of it as allowing your camera server and your mobile device to meet up and communicate together in the cloud, just by using a bar code your device can read. No Port-Forwarding or IT specialists needed. On your NVR, rick click to login to the main menu. Then select “System”, then “Network”, then click the box marked “Enable DHCP”. This should allow all the forms to be automatic when you connect your device. If you would rather set your IP address manually, you can do that as well. Just leave the “Enable DHCP” box unchecked and you will be given an opportunity to set your IP address yourself. In the setting page you’ll see the QR code. Leave that up on your screen, because you will need to scan it with your mobile momentarily. On your mobile device, download the “EZView” App from your preferred app store. Once downloaded, go ahead and open “EZView”. Select the main menu icon in the top left hand corner. Then select “Devices”. This is where you can add new devices and manage existing ones. Now that you have your device page open, you will need to add a new device. To do this, select the “+“ in the top right corner. Select “Add By P2P” to change the registration mode. Be sure to name your device (any name that works for you), then tap on the QR code icon to scan the QR code displayed on your monitor. Once you’ve done this, all of the information for your NVR should appear on your mobile, with exception of your user name and password. Go ahead and enter your login details there if prompted. After Inputting the information above select “Start Live View” at the bottom of the page to complete the setup and begin viewing your camera’s live feed! If you have any other issues or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or live chat. We’re here to help you. Because at World Eye Cam, we’re not just about security cameras. We want you to feel secure.


iMaxCamPro Support
iMaxCamPro Support | Remote Access Guides | Support Home

iMaxCamPro Quick Links 

iMaxCamPro Remote Access Guides 

Note! To Download Software Enter The Following Information:
Username: wec
Password: WEC1234$

Software Downloads 


 Network Setup Overview  Network Integration (locally)  Web Service Walkthrough (remote access through ie or Mozilla)  How to view cameras (remotely)  Setting up DVR with No-IP DDNS (locally)  Setting Up DDNS [DynDNS.com] (locally)
 Testing DynDNS DDNS  How to Access your iMaxCamPro DVR's through Internet Explorer 8 (remotely)  Using Mozilla Firefox with iMaxCamPro DVR's  How to View cameras via iPhone & iPad  How to View cameras via cell phone Blackberry  How to View cameras via cell phone Android  How to View cameras via cell phone Windows Mobile  How to View cameras via cell phone Symbian  How to Setup Your Surveillance Kit  iMaxCamPro Drive Compatibility List  Video Codec Pack 7.1.0 (Win)  How to Playback Recorded Video (locally)  How to Playback Recorded Video (remotely)  How to do a Digital Zoom on Playbacks (locally)  How to Setup Recording (locally)  How to Default Configurations (locally)  How to Default Configurations (remotely)  How to Set DVR to Never Log Out from Your Current User (locally)  How to setup Motion Detection (locally)  How to setup email notification (remotely)  How to reset your remote control  How to backup video files (locally)  How to setup a PTZ (remotely)  How to Format Hard Drive (locally)  How to Setup Redundancy (locally)  How to Add/Modify User Accounts (locally)  How to Add/Modify User Accounts (remotely)  How to enable audio (locally)  How to Change Channel Names (locally)  How to Setup Alarm Based Recording (locally)  How to access the Log File (locally)  How to access the Log File (remotely)

SmartPSS Client 

We are Authorized Manufacturer Distributors for many main stream CCTV manufactures. Our support technicians are factory trained with strong emphasis on advanced networking and configurations of NVRs and DVRs from across multiple networks. We offer hourly support plans to help your facilities maintain system stability and optimal configuration settings.


In addition to our on-call technical support, we offer a selection of System Implementation Plans to every client.


Free Technical Support

Complimentary technical support includes:

  • Basic System Implementation (one-time event, 30 minutes max)
  • Break/Fix support under manufacturer warranty
  • Basic camera, network, and NVR/DVR troubleshooting

Out of scope, additional setup, and advanced support is available at $80/ hour.

 Call us at: 888-211-2288

Email: support@worldeyecam.com

Business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm PST

    Premium Technical Support Offerings

  • End User Training
  • Available at $80 / hour
  • Must be scheduled in advance
  • View our Training Options

Advanced Training

Support for advanced configuration, out of scope troubleshooting, and other technical issues is available. In some cases “smart hands” may need to be present on-site before Advanced Support can begin. For many support tasks we require access to your high speed internet router/modem.

We require appointment scheduling with a minimum of 24-hour notice for Advanced Support.

Advanced Support can be purchased at $80/ hour.

 Technical Support Scope

Basic System Setup - 30 minutes max.
Break/Fix Issues - Including RMA's and DOA
Basic camera, network,
and NVR/DVR troubleshooting
Advanced Support    
Configuration for Remote Access
Mobile App Configuration
Camera / NVR Time Settings
Motion Detection
Setup Recording Schedules
Email/SMS Alert Configuration
Configure VMS/NVR Camera Matrix View
NVR/VMS Muliple User Setup
Archive to NAS
Camera Image Settings Configuration
License Plate Capture - Day/Night
Setup Router/ Modems /4G Hotspots
Third Party Mobile App Configuration
IP Reconfiguration
Cameras without Networks
Advanced Networking
MAC Client Setup
Other Advanced Configurations

System Implementation Plans

Bronze Silver Gold
Pricing: $30
Basic Setup
to 30 Min Max
Add Cameras
to NVR Server
Enable Continuous
Camera / NVR
/ DVR Time Settings
IP Assignment **
Device Firmware Update **
Configuration for
Remote Access
(Port Forwarding & DDNS) ***
Mobile App
Configuration for
Single User
Verification that
Cameras are Recording to
Wireless Network
Motion Detection
Email / SMS Alert
Configure VMS /
NVR Camera Matrix View
NVR / VMS Muliple
User Setup
Archive to NAS    
Evaluate Camera
Field of View (FOV)
Camera Image
Settings Configuration
(Focus, Exposure, D / N Settings, etc)
System Training
Max 1hr.
License Plate Capture
Day / Night
Setup Router / Modems / 4G Hotspots    
Third Party
Mobile App
IP Reconfiguration    
Cameras without
(No internet access available)
Advanced Networking    
MAC Client Setup    
Other Advanced Camera
or NVR /
VMS Configuration
Multi User and
Advanced User Training

Dealers and Installer Sign-up

Worldeyecam Dealers and CCTV Installers

Let's Get Started!

  • You must provide Worldeyecam, Inc with the Confidential Dealer / Reseller Application Form information.
  • Dealer LOGIN account will be created to display special discounted prices as an Worldeyecam Dealer/Distributor. You will be able to login and create quotes or simply order products at your discounted rate.
  • WorldEyeCAM, Inc. will add your business into our database of nationwide integrators and installers.
  • WorldEyeCAM, Inc will provide 1st Class Factory Trained technicians to provide fanatical technical support.
  • WorldEyeCAM, Inc. will advertise and promote your company on that we are partnered with installers that work in the area (cities and counties) that you service and cover.
  • When we get request for installation services in the area that you service, we will refer the customer to you for installation and sales.

Dealer Application
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Custom System Builder

Camera System Design

Designing a unique surveillance system for your home or business is as easy as clicking your mouse with our new Custom Kit Builder. With intuitive prompts that guide you along the way, you are in control of your camera styles, NVR or DVR size, power accessories and hard drive space. Still have questions, give us a call, our expert technicians are here to help. Your brand new system is only a few clicks away.

IP System Builder
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Mobile APPs


View your recorder and cameras on the go. The Mobile Application IDMSS (IOS) / GDMSS (Android) allows you to add IMAXPRO recorders and cameras to the mobile app using P2P.


- Smartphone (IOS device or Android)

- IDMSS/GDMSS already downloadedin your mobile device.

- P2P must be turned on from the recorder and connected to a network with internet access.



(VERSION 4.50.000)


1. Open iDMSS/gDMSS on the phone, and select the home icon located on the top left corner.


2. Select the "Device" button/icon on the bottom to add the recorder/camera.

3. Select the "+" sign then select "Scan" to add the device.

4. Select the Device you want to Connect (If you have a wired Camera, Please choose Wired Camera).



5. Input the device for easy identification. It's required to input the password for the added device then select the save icon located on the top right corner.


960H DVR

Product Features

  • Up to 4 cameras with 960H realtime preview
  • H.264 dual-stream video compression
  • All channel 960H realtime
  • HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output
  • 4 channel synchronous realtime playback, GRID interface & smart search
  • 3D intelligent positioning with IMaxCamPro PTZ dome camera
  • Support 1 SATA HDD up to 4TB, 2 USB2.0
  • Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS(DSS/Smart PSS)&Smart Phone(IMaxCam)


SmartPSS software
Click/Tap on image for a more detailed view.



Model IMAX-MINI-2104H
Video Inputs 4 inputs, BNC (1.0Vp-p, 75 Ohm)
Video Outputs HDMI, TV (BNC), VGA
Audio Inputs 1 Channel RCA Input
Audio Outputs 1 Channel RCA Output
Video/Audio Compression H.264 / G.711
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720, 800 x 600
Display Split 1/4
Bit Rate 48-3072Kb/s
Resolution 960H (960 X 480) / D1 ( 704x480 ) / 2CIF ( 704x240 ) / CIF ( 352x240 ) / QCIF (176 x 120)
Recording Rate Main Stream All channels 30fps @ 960H / D1 / 2CIF / CIF resolution
Recording Rate Extra Stream CIF (7fps) / QCIF (30fps
Record Mode Manual, Schedule (Regular, Motion, Alarm, Motion & Alarm), Stop
Playback Functions Playback Functions All Channel Simultaneous Playback, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast play, Slow play, Next camera, Previous camera, Full screen, Repeat, Shuffle, Backup selection, Digital zoom
Trigger Events Recording, PTZ, Display Tour, Email, FTP, Buzzer, Screen tips
Video Detection 396 (22x18) Zones, Video loss, Camera blank
Privacy Masking 4 rectangular zones per channel
Network Interface RJ-45 port (10m/100m)
Network Functions HTTP, IPv4/IPv6, UPNP, RTSP, UDP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, IP Filter, PPPoE, DDNS, FTP
Backup USB, device / Network
Internal HDD 1 SATA port, up to 4TB
RS-485 PTZ Control
USB 2 ports (1 rear) USB 2.0
Power Supply 12v DC / 2A
Power Consumption 10W (without HDD)
Operating Temperature -10°C - 55°C
Operating Humidity 10 - 90% RH Max
Case Size Mini 1U — 325mm x 245mm x 45mm


Bullet Camera

Product # 82516

If you're looking for a truly compact or stealth style camera that won't sacrifice crisp and clear picture quality, here it is! Absolutely perfect for surveillance systems where you don't want cameras exposed, the Mini Bullet Color Camera offers low-profile visibility and still provides incredibly sharp images. This camera can be placed virtually anywhere! With its remarkable design, the Mini Bullet Color Camera can be used outdoors with its weatherproof capability and the included mounting screw.OSD Control OSD means On Screen Display, but do not confuse this with a screen being located on the actual camera itself. OSD is a feature that will allow you to bring up a list of video adjustment options on your TV or monitor that will be used to project your camera's image. This camera has a button located on the back of the unit that will act as a joystick once it's activated by simply pushing the button in. The joystick works in all directions: up, down, left and right for your convenience.


Model: IMAX-HRC650
Pick up Element: 1/3" SONY
Effective Picture Elements: NTSC:510(H)×492(V)
Horizontal Resolution: 650TV Line
Minimum Illumination: 0.01Lux
S/N Ratio: More than 48dB
Scanning System: 2:1 interface
Synchronous System: Internal, Negative sync.
Auto Electronic Shutter: NTSC: 1/60s~1/100,000s
Gama Characteristic: 0.45
Video Output: 1Vpp, 75©
Auto Gain Control: Auto
Power/Current: DC12V(+/-10%)/150mA
Lens: 3.6mm Board Lens
Dimension (mm): 20 x 62
Weight (g): 200
Storage Temperature: -30~+60 RH95% MAX
Operating Temperature: -10~+45 RH95% MAX



PSS - Professional Surveillance System

  • Max Register Device 1000 channels
  • Device Management Add, delete, reboot, configuration, bidirectional talk
  • Health Report Device status, alarm info.
  • Live Monitoring
  • Video Display Split Full screen and 1 / 4 / 9 / 13 / 16 / 25 / 36 / (49 / 64 / 81 / 100 / 121)
  • Launches Instant Play DVR, video server, IP camera
  • PTZ Control Directions, Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Preset, Tour, Pattern
  • Snapshot Support
  • Local Record Support
  • Video Information Camera title, time, video loss
  • Playback
  • Video Source Local PC, device itself, storage server
  • Search Type Certain time, timing, motion detection, alarm, card
  • Digital Zoom Support
  • Snapshot Support
  • Alarm Signal Monitoring
  • Alarm Type External alarm, video loss, motion detection, camera masking and etc.
  • Play Warning Sound or Message Support
  • Camera Blank Trigger recording, PTZ movement, tour, alarm
  • Setup a certain period of time of a day, a certain types of alarms, Auto notification sent, Scheduled actions against alarm
  • Number of Maps Map group : Unlimited, Sub-Map, Layout : 64
  • Supports Image JPEG / BMP
  • System Requirements:
  • CPU Intel Core2Duo E6750, RAM : 2GB above
  • Video memory 512MB
  • HDD 80GB above
  • OS Window XP/Vista, DirectX 9.0 above
  • Display resolution 1024 x 768 above

- DAV File Player (PC)
- Download iMaxCam for Android
- Download iMaxCam for iOS
- File Player Utility
- HDD Storage Calculator