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33A00-1 HAI Omni Console Keypad


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Omni Wired Accessories allow the Omni security & automation system to expand beyond just a security system. Add hard-wired controls for control of temperatures, lighting, and more. Even give your home a "voice" with the two-way voice module. Receive auditory confirmation when a door has opened or a reminder that it's trash night.Features of this products are The traditional looking security keypad is designed for use with an OmniPro II, Omni IIe, or Omni LTe security & automation system. All control, security and programming functions can be accomplished using a Omni Console. A two-color LED offers status at a glance: red for security armed, green when disarmed. Omni Console has large buttons, a cool blue backlight, and a thin profile. The LCD display features 48 character capacity with menu operation, selectable keyclick, beeper functions, and viewing angle adjustments. The face is silkscreened with the menu options printed on the console face. Leviton offers a Flush Mount kit (Part Number 33A00-3) for this console to provide a painted backbox that mounts in the wall; the console then mounts into the backbox providing a professional, built-in look. You may use Leviton's Power Hub in Enclosure (HAI Part Number 83A00-1) or Power Hub for Structured Wiring Enclosures (Part Number 83A00-2) to provide power and battery backup to up to eight Omni Consoles. Every Omni family home control system is required to use one of these Omni Consoles or an Omni Console with Built-in Speaker/Microphone (Part Number 33A00-4) to meet UL requirements.

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