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25 kVA CE Series Industrial Control Transformer, 200/220/440, 208/230/460, 240/480 Primary Volts - 23/110, 24/120 Secondary Volts


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The Acme Electric AE and CE Series Industrial Control Transformers have the ability to handle potentially damaging high in-rush currents that occur when electromagnetic components are energized, without sacrificing the required stable output voltage. Desi


Designed specifically for machine tool control circuit applications.


  • Epoxy encapsulated design protects core & coil assembly from potentially damaging contaminants
  • Integrally molded terminal blocks with isolation barriers to prevent arc over, terminal blocks allow full access for ring terminals for easy installation and so

Tech Info

Acme’s CE Series Encapsulated Industrial Control Transformers carry the CE mark, indicating it complies with the requirements established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for use of control circuit transformers in the countries of th


Rating IP20




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