16 Channel HD-SDI DVR System HDSDI-WECCK5616E


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This DVR records 16 channels of high definition footage from HD-SDI surveillance cameras. Footage can be played back across multiple monitors with a 1080p resolution. Users can also monitor footage remotely using a mobile device. The DVR has 16 audio inputs and 16 alarm outputs. It can record clear audio and video 24/7 or on motion.



  • H.264Compression (Main Profile)

  • 16 HD-SDI Video Input (720p or 1080p)

  • HD Realtime (Max. 30 per Channel) Recording & playback

  • HDMI & VGA Output Full HD (Max. 1,920 x 1,080p)

  • Multi Channel Display & Menu Control in Spot Monitor

  • Picture Quality : Utmost graphic, respectively comparing its picture size

  • Mobile View on 3G Device : iPhone / Blackberry / Android / MS Windows Mobile

  • Dual Stream : Optimize network transfer speed

  • POS text insertion (Patent Pending) : Displaying & Recording Transaction Data from POS

  • User Friendly GUI : Flexible, Easy and Convenient

  • Advanced CMS Software : Convenient and Versatile Software

  • S.M.A.R.T : Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology

Traditional CCTV camera systems were designed in a time when standard definition television was the only option to display the cameras. These days, when most people have upgraded to HDTVs, standard definition simply doesn't deliver the high-quality picture you've come to expect with your high definition television. If you've upgraded to high-definition displays, shouldn't your cameras match that quality?


Standard analog CCTV cameras max out at 700 TV Line resolution and the stanard DVR can only display and record those cameras at D1 resolution (704x480). That is the maximum resolution that standard definition televisions can display and it's a big difference from what you get on a HDTV.


Here's a comparison of what you see with a standard definition DVR compared to a high definition HD-SDI DVR.

ANALOG CCTV (704x480):
HD-SDI (1920x1080)

View All Cameras At Once via Mobile Devices in HD
Click Images For a Full Resolution (1920x1080) Direct Capture From HD-SDI Cameras
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