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1000 Mbps Compact Media Converter - McBasic-Gigabit, TX/LX-SM1310-SC


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SKU: 855-11914
Product #: 98332


LinkLoss, FiberAlert and Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) that make isolating fiber breaks easier should they occur. The McBasic also features AutoCross to support crossover/pass-through on the twisted pair connection and diagnostic LEDs. Most McBasic units are available with single-strand fiber which can effectively double the capacity of fiber by allowing two individual channels to share one strand of fiber; Full-Duplex data travels on different wavelengths - 1310 nm and 1550 nm, for example.


The McBasic’s small, table-top design and durability make it perfect for installation anywhere space is limited. Additionally, the McBasic comes with an internal AC power supply. This feature significantly increases reliability over products that use bulky, external AC/DC power transformers.


  • Has a small, rugged design offering many advanced features
  • Available for multimode or single-mode fiber
  • LinkLoss, FiberAlert, and Link Fault Pass Through features, along with LEDs, assist in diagnosing problems on fiber optic networks
  • Convert 1000 Mbps twisted pair to 1000 Mbps fiber




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