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10/100/1000 Mbps managed optical demarcation module iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-III, 1550xmt/1310rcv


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SKU: 856-14221
Product #: 99156


The iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-III intelligent media converter connects a Host/Remote Ethernet network over a fiber optic or CAT 5 copper connection. It combines media conversion with an advanced-feature set for network management and troubleshooting, includi ng OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance), Extra-Tagging and EtherType control functionality. With the iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-III, administrators can observe the end-points over the fiber segment between them, as a single management entity. Band width scalability and support for MIBs II makes this modular device a versatile gigabit solution, now available as a single wide module.


iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-III allows for remote configuration and alerts administrators to any potential problems on the long-haul fiber run, provides vital information on link condition and reports data traffic statistics. In addition to the iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-III’s support for Host/Remote environments, the product also has built-in support for the Unified Management Agent (UMA). With UMA, the central location can manage all Host/Remote pairs installed in an iMediaChassis with the single IP address of the chassis.


  • Single wide module, allowing maximum use of slots in multi-port chassis
  • 3 mode of operation, to ease the use of installation
  • SFP port model supports both copper and fiber SFPs
  • Backwards compatible with the iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-III
  • offers up to 64 VLANs


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