IMAX PTZ-3X Pan Tilt Zoom Camera, 3x Zoom


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Camera Resolution: 600-650 TV Lines
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Finally, an affordable PTZ that offers great quality and resolution. This surveillance camera records clear footage with 600 lines of resolution even in very low light. The pan/tilt/zoom functions are extremely precise. It has 3x zoom and 360 degree continuous rotation.

  • The Sony Super Ex-View HAD CCD imager delivers 0.001 lux sensitivity in night mode, while providing 600 lines of resolution.
  • PTZ dome camera has 360° continuous rotation.
  • Micro step and vector drive technology allow speed dome to have diagonal movement with extreme levels of precision and accuracy.
  • Pick up element: 1/3" SONY
  • Resolution: 600TVL
  • Gain Control: AUTO
  • Power/Current: DC 12 VOLTS
  • Lens: Zoom 3X (5mm to 15mm)
  • Auto Gain Control
  • Auto Electronic Shutter





Pick up Element




Effective Picture Elements(H×V)


PAL:752(H)×582(V) NTSC:768(H)×494(V)


Horizontal Resolution


600TV Line

(650TV B/W)


Minimum Illumination




S/N Ratio

More than 48dB

Scanning System

2:1 interface

Synchronous System

Internal, Negative sync.

Auto Electronic Shutter

NTSC: 1/60s~1/100,000s, PAL: 1/50s~1/100,000s




Video Output

1Vpp, 75©

Auto Gain Control



DC12V (+/-10%)/700mA


3X / 5-15mm

Dynamic Varifocal Lens

Dimension (mm)


Weight (g)


Storage Temperature


Operating Temperature


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Cherrine Short
Jul 2, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I love modern tech electronics just like everything else in my home and this security camera just sealed its position in my twin babies’ room. Of course a baby monitor does the job but I wanted something, you could say, over the counter. It took me quite some time to find the right camera although I have purchased a few, some years back. I wanted something high quality, at a reasonable price, catchy outer appeal and with high specs. If you guys are searching for something of this sort, search no more! I found this security camera the best ever.

The variable varifocal lens with a 360 degree pan tilt zoom is truly amazing and it comes as an added bonus when you fix it outside somewhere in the open. At night when my 2 precious babies are sleeping, I usually turn all the lights off so they can sleep sound and this camera amazingly shoots footage in the dark in crystal clear quality.
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Amber Graham
Apr 16, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This product offers great quality and resolution and i like it very much
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Mobile APPs

QR Code Scan P2P iPhone Android iOS instructions

How to enable remote viewing without Port-Forwarding

We offer our own WorldEyeCam mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Our mobile apps allow you to remotely view your DVR and cameras from anywhere on the world. In this guide we will show you how to setup P2P or QR Code Scanning setup. No Port-Forwarding Needed.

Easy remote Viewing
P2P/QR Code Easy Setup

To access the P2P or QR code screen, you must first power on your recorder. Right click and select Main Menu->Setup->Network->P2P and the P2P/QR code will display.

You must check the box to enable P2P function and then click Apply to save at bottom of screen.


Make sure that your NVR/DVR is connected to your modem/router with a CAT5/Ethernet cable. Once P2P has been enabled please go to TCP/IP section inside of the network screen. Enable “DHCP” inside of the Network settings and save. Once DHCP has been enabled you will need to reboot the system.


Upon rebooting navigate back to the P2P setting to the system and scan the code with your mobile iMaxCam app and from this point you should be able to see the cameras.



How to setup the iPhone app with the P2P/QR Code

Step 1: Open the iMaxCam app and tap on Camera.

Step 2: Tap the menu icon on the top left corner to access the menu as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Tap the DEVICE MANAGER option to enter your DVR/NVR login information

Step 4: Once in device manager tap the plus sign button (+), in the top right corner to advance to the next screen.

Step 5: In the add device screen, select P2P

Step 6: In this Screen you need to tap the QR code icon on the right where the S/N field is.

Once you tap on QR Code icon the camera of your phone will start, go ahead and scan the code.

Name: DVR

S/N: Tap on the icon to scan the QR Code

User Name: admin (default)

Password: admin (default)

Step 7: Press the “Start Live Preview” button to start watching the cameras.

Viewing the live camera feed from your Integrator Series Network Video Recorder, or NVR, through a mobile device is simple, and can be done in less than five minutes. If you have used our G4MX App you will find it’s very similar, but if you haven’t, that’s okay too. As in the tutorial for iMaxCam, In this short tutorial we’ll be showing you how to setup your live security camera feed on your mobile device via the peer-to-peer, or P2P method, using a QR Code Scanning setup. Think of it as allowing your camera server and your mobile device to meet up and communicate together in the cloud, just by using a bar code your device can read. No Port-Forwarding or IT specialists needed. On your NVR, rick click to login to the main menu. Then select “System”, then “Network”, then click the box marked “Enable DHCP”. This should allow all the forms to be automatic when you connect your device. If you would rather set your IP address manually, you can do that as well. Just leave the “Enable DHCP” box unchecked and you will be given an opportunity to set your IP address yourself. In the setting page you’ll see the QR code. Leave that up on your screen, because you will need to scan it with your mobile momentarily. On your mobile device, download the “EZView” App from your preferred app store. Once downloaded, go ahead and open “EZView”. Select the main menu icon in the top left hand corner. Then select “Devices”. This is where you can add new devices and manage existing ones. Now that you have your device page open, you will need to add a new device. To do this, select the “+“ in the top right corner. Select “Add By P2P” to change the registration mode. Be sure to name your device (any name that works for you), then tap on the QR code icon to scan the QR code displayed on your monitor. Once you’ve done this, all of the information for your NVR should appear on your mobile, with exception of your user name and password. Go ahead and enter your login details there if prompted. After Inputting the information above select “Start Live View” at the bottom of the page to complete the setup and begin viewing your camera’s live feed! If you have any other issues or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or live chat. We’re here to help you. Because at World Eye Cam, we’re not just about security cameras. We want you to feel secure.