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HD-CVI Camera Systems

HD-CVI is an over coaxial-cable analog video transmission standard. CVI technology enables audio, video, and PTZ data transmission over a single coaxial cable, at distance of up to 1500 FT. Our HD-CVI DVRs stream and record at 30 FPS on every input, while maintaining a low price and giving high-end features. By using this technology, you can improve previous standard definition analog video system with high definition analog video system video system. Each kit will come with HD-CVI surveillance cameras as well coaxial cable and a DVR. We offer kits ranging from 4-channels to 16-channels. 

HD CVI camera systems are high quality and cost-efficient HD camera systems for business and home use. When it comes to ensuring that you can record audio as well as video through your surveillance system, there's a new kid on the block and it is HD CVI Camera Systems. High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) is a relatively new signal type for HD security cameras that first hit the marketplace in early 2014. Having had our hands in it since it's conception, you'd be hard pressed to find better experts on the subject than WorldEyeCam.

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4 CH DVR with 4 2MP 1080P HD-CVI IR Bullet...
Product #: 87238

This 4 channel surveillance system kit can adapt as your security needs grow. It comes with 4 2MP 1080P HD-CVI IR Bullet w/ 3.6mm Fixed Lens, 135ft IR & DC12V

$547.00 $1,363.00

Complete 8CH DVR with 4 Bullet Camera 1080P...
Product #: 86486

This kit uses indoor/outdoor bullet surveillance cameras with infrared technology for recording day and night. The security cameras can record up to 30 frames per second with a 1080P HD resolution. 

$649.00 $1,236.00

4 CH DVR with 4 HD 1080P Varifocal 2.8-12mm...
Product #: 86341

This 4 channel surveillance system kit can adapt as your security needs grow. It comes with 4 Universal ACT bullet cameras that have four output options: analog, HD analog, CVI and TVI.

$769.00 $1,363.00

8 CH HD-CVI DVR w/4HD 1080P PIR Hidden...
Product #: 86510

This is a great starter kit for covert surveillance systems. It includes four PIR hidden cameras and an eight channel HD-CVI DVR. The cameras capture high resolution 1080p footage and have a 3.6mm lens. The DVR comes with a FREE pre-installed 1TB HDD for recording the footage.

$962.50 $1,750.00

16 CH HD-CVI DVR 8HD 1080P PIR Hidden...
Product #: 86511

This is the perfect kit for discreet surveillance. It comes with 8 hidden PIR cameras that can be covertly placed around your home or office to capture HD video 24/7. All footage is recorded onto the included 16 channel DVR and FREE 1TB HDD.

$1,388.50 $2,289.50

16 CH DVR with 8 HD 1080P Security ACT...
Product #: 86024

This kit provides high definition video monitoring. It has 8 bullet security cameras that transmit footage to the DVR with RG59 cable. The DVR records up to 30 frames per second with a 1080p resolution.

$1,476.42 $2,649.00

32 HD-CVI 720P DVR Kit 16 Dome & 16...
Product #: 85846

This kit has everything you need for a comprehensive surveillance system. It has 32 high definition bullet security cameras recording up to 30 frames per second with a 720p resolution onto a 32 channel DVR. 

$4,889.00 $7,380.00

Our HD-CVI DVR kit lets you connect 4 to 16 1080p HD-CVI cameras that record at 30FPS on all channels at 1080p resolution. You can add up to 8TB hard drive with this DVR and either record 24 hour or record on motion or you can schedule it. This DVR is network compatible and lets you monitor your business, your house, and your warehouse remotely from different locations.




HD 1080p vs 720p vs 960h Resolution

HD 1080p vs 720p vs 960h Resolution

DVR Features

H.264 Real-time Recording and Playback

H.264 Real-time Recording and Playback: Its H.264 compression greatly reduces the size of your digital video files without compromising image quality (compared to other compression standards such as M-JPEG and MPEG-4). H.264 is a stable, proven compression technology, which offers unbeatable recording picture quality while at the same time saving you valuable hard drive storage space.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring: Don’t have immediate access to your NVR? Then don’t worry. You can effortlessly log onto your recordings by accessing them on any compatible internet ready device (Such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and Androids devices).

Central Monitoring System

Central Monitoring System: Have more than one location? Well accessing each one of them on a different IP address is a thing of the past with our standard CMS software that allows you to painlessly link an almost unlimited number of recorders and cameras all to the same IP Address.

Multiple Playback and Recording Options

Multiple Playback and Recording Options: The multiple recording options allows you to set your NVR to record on a set schedule, continuous around-the-clock recording or to further conserve hard drive space only when motion is detected. You can also select the number of cameras to view on one screen or hide certain ones from other users using the multiple playback features.

E-map Function Support

E-map Function Support: The E-map feature provides a camera icon that represents the location of cameras on a map of a building or area, helping you to strategically place your cameras in the spots where surveillance is most needed. The detail this function provides is essential in saving time and the hassle of repositioning your cameras to achieve the desired viewing space.

Push Alerts & Automatic E-mail

Push Alerts & Automatic E-mail: Setup your DVR to automatically send you an e-mail alert or a Push notification with video clip every time there is a motion triggered event. This enables you to quickly take action when an incident has occurred.

3D Intelligent Positioning

3D Intelligent Positioning: This features let you digitally control your PTZ cameras (move up, move down, move left, move right, zoom in and zoom out) from your monitor and mobile applications.

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