Mission Statement
The mission of Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video Products Group is to provide superior technology and value in surveillance imaging solutions to its customers and to move the CCTV industry forward by consistently introducing innovative products into the marketplace.

To meet this commitment, the Toshiba Corporation invests billions of dollars annually into an aggressive research and development program that is the model for the electronics industry. The newest technologies, including the cutting edge of digital video, are being incorporated into the components the CCTV market wants most—high-resolution color and black and white cameras, time-lapse video recorders, and dependable video monitors.

The ability to consistently deliver innovative products and responsive services is the result of a steadfast commitment to total quality on the part of all employees and suppliers.

Company Background
While Toshiba has long been viewed as a top manufacturer of a superior array of TVs, VCRs, notebook computers and other consumer electronics, its involvement in the worldwide CCTV market is equally impressive.

Toshiba is acknowledged by CCTV distributors, OEMs, system integrators and end-users around the globe as a fixture in the video surveillance market. The overall reliability and performance characteristics of the Toshiba product line represent a degree of consistency almost unmatched by any other manufacturer.

In 1987, the American arm of the Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video Products operation was launched, and is now responsible for all sales and marketing efforts in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America. Headquartered in Irvine, California, it is part of the Imaging Systems Division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

The rapid growth of Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video Products from a small sales office into one of North America’s largest suppliers of CCTV equipment reflects its business strategy of capitalizing on emerging imaging technologies to create innovative, market-driven products. Few companies can match Toshiba when it comes to tapping new technologies and translating them into high-quality hardware. Recent innovations include 24-hour Virtual RealTime™ time-lapse recording, Toshiba DigitalPlus™ technology, and the advent of extremely sensitive cameras for low-light usage.

Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video Products Group prides itself on developing stable, long-term relationships with its customers. We encourage you to call us and learn how we can serve your needs, today and tomorrow.

IK-WB21A High Speed PTZ, 1280x960 SXVGA Resolution, 22x Zoom
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Product #: 33307
$1,645.00 $1,175.00
IK-WR01A Vandal Resistant Dome, POE, 1/3" Interline transfer CCD
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Product #: 33308
$1,190.00 $569.95
IK-WB15A POE - 1/4" Super CCD (Honeycomb)
Quick View
Product #: 33309
$918.75 $656.25
IK-WB02A Indoor fixed JPEG Network Camera
Quick View
Product #: 33310
$761.25 $543.75
IK-DF02A 1/4", 480 line, Auto Iris Varifocal Mini Dome Camera
Quick View
Product #: 33311
$400.75 $271.00
IK-DP30A Surveillix Dome – Day/Night Dome Camera
Quick View
Product #: 33312
$2,240.00 $1,259.95
IK-6410A 1/3" 480 line, Digital Day/Night Color Camera
Quick View
Product #: 33313
$245.00 $175.00
IK-6550A 1/3" 480 line, LL Digital Day/Night Color Camera
Quick View
Product #: 33314
$420.00 $193.66
IK-65WDA 1/3” CCD Color Camera, Wide Dynamic Range
Quick View
Product #: 33315
$595.00 $252.06
IK-64DNA 1/3” IR Sensitive CCD Color Camera, Day/Night
Quick View
Product #: 33316
$603.75 $431.25
IK-VR01A Vandal Resistant Color Mini-Dome
Quick View
Product #: 33317
$710.50 $507.50
JK-H01A In-Ceiling Housing
Quick View
Product #: 33318
$271.25 $155.44
JK-PHI/IT Indoor Pendant Housing-Clear or Tinted
Quick View
Product #: 33319
$323.75 $182.44
JK-PHO/OT Outdoor Pendant Housing-Clear or Tinted
Quick View
Product #: 33320
$516.25 $335.95
JK-RPHO Vandal Proof Environmental Housing for Surveillix Dome Cameras
Quick View
Product #: 33321
$866.25 $618.75