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Taxi Cabs Video Surveillance Systems

WorldEyeCam offers quality video surveillance systems at an affordable price for taxi cabs. Please call us today at 888-211-2288 for more information on how to get your surveillance system project started.

For our taxi cab customers we offer a full line of DVRs, NVRs and CCTV security camera products at affordable pricing from a trusted veteran of the security world. We offer free cost analysis to find you the best option for your budget. Our support team is here to help with any technical questions you have about your security camera systems. We are your one stop shop for advice, sales reinforcement and technical support.

Our large selection of surveillance equipment ensures you will find the products you need to keep your business safe. Worldeyecam is not just a retail store, we also have years of experience in security camera installation so we can make the most informed recommendations about what security system is right for you. We stand behind our products 100% and we will stay with you for the long haul to keep you, the customer, happy.

With years of experience selling and installing security camera systems we can also easily upgrade your current system. If your taxi cab has an existing VCR/Tape Based CCTV System, let us help you upgrade to an Internet Accessible DVR or NVR. Many of the modern systems will allow you to view surveillance footage on a PC or mobile device so you can monitor your property from anywhere. In most cases these upgrades are simple and affordable. Call today at 888-211-2288.

Taxi cabs can benefit from using surveillance systems in their vehicles and at overnight garages. The systems can be used to promote safety and reduce physical attacks on drivers and vandalism to the vehicle. Cab drivers are in a vulnerable position, especially when working late night shifts. They can become victims of random or targeted acts of violence. Passengers under the influence of alcohol often act unruly and disagreements over cab fare can escalate to violence. With the presence of security cameras placed in the back of the cab, passengers are more likely to be on their best behavior. If an act of violence does occur, surveillance footage can be used to identify the perpetrator and provide evidence for arrest.

Unfortunately, cab drivers are also at risk of robbery. When criminals know their every move is being recorded, they are less likely to break the law. With IP surveillance systems footage can be viewed remotely from a PC or smart phone and be sent directly to local police if a crime is committed on camera. There may even be instances when cab owners are concerned about the driver’s behavior. Cab owners can use surveillance cameras to monitor drivers and ensure they are carrying out their duties as they are meant to. Surveillance footage can even come in handy in the case of accidents. The footage can be used to determine who was at fault in a driving accident and provide visual footage to insurance companies to prevent rates from increasing.

Vandalism is another issue that can cost cab owners money. Too often there are cases of criminals defacing cabs, scratching the paint, damaging the car or scrawling graffiti on the car. Cabs are especially vulnerable to vandalism and theft when they are left overnight on a lot. Surveillance systems can capture footage of any trespassers on the overnight lot and alert on site security before any damage is done. If vandalism does occur, the perpetrators can be positively identified, caught and prosecuted. In most cases when people know they are being filmed they are more likely to be on their best behavior and not commit any crimes. Surveillance systems are known to deter crime and prevent violence.

A possible issue cab owners may face when installing cameras in their taxi cabs is privacy. It is important that passengers know they are being filmed to ease privacy concerns. A simple sign can do the trick as well as having the cameras in full view of the passengers. Tampering with cameras is always a possibility so we suggest using vandal-proof cameras to prevent the loss of footage. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras are also an excellent choice to view footage from multiple angles. These functions can be controlled remotely and with new digital IP systems, footage can be stored digitally for much longer.

Surveillance systems can be used to create safer environments in taxi cabs for both the drivers and the passengers. They are known to deter crime and violence and can provide crucial visual evidence if a crime should occur. Surveillance systems in cabs can help save cab owners money by preventing damage to the cars and prevent passengers from refusing to pay the fare.

We also provide products and services to businesses similar to Taxi cabs including: buses, car dealerships and hotels.

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