T4Z2813CS-IR 1/3" 2.8-12mm f1.3 Varifocal, Manual Iris (CS Mount) Day/Night IR
T4Z2813CS-IR 1/3" 2.8-12mm f1.3 Varifocal, Manual Iris (CS Mount) Day/Night IR. T4Z2813CS-IR Computar varifocal manual iris lenses offer maximum flexibility in camera installations requiring a wide range of focal lengths. Focal length adjustments can be made with a turn of the dial, virtually eliminating the cost and inventory problems associated with improper monofocal lens selection. All lenses are CS-Mount, comprised of all glass optics, come with locking setscrews and a durable metal barrel and mount, and are covered by a three year warranty. The T4Z2813CS-IR has a focal length of 2.8-12mm, an Iris range of F1.0 - F16C, and 1/3" Format. Aperture Ratio : 1:1.3. This models Down Angle View : 133.0 – 29.7 degrees and Horizontal View : 102.2 – 23.7 degrees with Vertical View : 74.2 – 17.8 degrees. Its Max. Image Format : 4.8mm x 3.6mm. Its dimension 33.5 x 46.6 x 44.3 and weight is 63.5g. The high performance Ganz Thermal Imaging Cameras capture high-quality video in all lighting conditions. The cost-effective IP and analog thermal solutions outperform conventional surveillance technologies and are ideal for even the most challenging surveillance environments. The fixed and pan/tilt configurations are available in two resolutions.


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