SpeedDome and Keyboard Setup

Keyboard Operating for SpeedDome PTZ Camera
Keyboard Model: AU40B
Select Camera
Press Camera ID button
Press 1 for cam 1
Setup Preset Location:
1. Move to the location you want.
2. Press Preset button
3. Press 1 for preset location 1
4. Enter
Go Preset Location:
1. Press Call button
2. Press 1 for Preset 1 location
3. Enter
Cruise function:
(Neon, Samsung, Pelco-D / P only)
Description: it will go from preset 1 to preset 2, 3, 4 .... and continues

You must finish setting the Preset location first. and Test preset by call button to make sure it is working.

Setup Cruise Step:
(remember, this cruise just for set the speed / time, not setup the position. Posisition must setup by preset location)
1. Press Shot button.
2. press 1 to go.
3. ON

On the display you should see
Track=01 Sum=06

Press TELE to go down menu,
Press Wide to go up menu.

Set No.:01 Point, Speed and Time.
Set No.:02 .... etc.

When finish setting the speed/time. Press OFF to save.

Notice) if you move the joystick to different location, it will treat as exit without save.
Set AutoPan function.

Start Point:
1. Press Auto + ON

move to the end point location:
End Point:
1. Press Auto + OFF

Run AutoPan:
1. Press Auto + Enter

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