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Schools Video Surveillance Systems

WorldEyeCam offers quality video surveillance systems at an affordable price for schools. Please call us today at 888-211-2288 for more information on how to get your surveillance system project started.

For our school customers we offer a full line of DVRs, NVRs and CCTV security camera products at affordable pricing from a trusted veteran of the security world. We offer free cost analysis to find you the best option for your budget. Our support team is here to help with any technical questions you have about your security camera systems. We are your one stop shop for advice, sales reinforcement and technical support.

Our large selection of surveillance equipment ensures you will find the products you need to keep your business safe. Worldeyecam is not just a retail store, we also have years of experience in security camera installation so we can make the most informed recommendations about what security system is right for you. We stand behind our products 100% and we will stay with you for the long haul to keep you, the customer, happy.

With years of experience selling and installing security camera systems we can also easily upgrade your current system. If your school has an existing VCR/Tape Based CCTV System, let us help you upgrade to an Internet Accessible DVR or NVR. Many of the modern systems will allow you to view surveillance footage on a PC or mobile device so you can monitor your property from anywhere. In most cases these upgrades are simple and affordable. Call today at 888-211-2288.

Schools are supposed to be safe havens where our children go to learn and grow but in the wake of tragedies like Columbine and Newtown it is becoming clear that we must take steps to protect our schools. We are seeing more and more school officials installing surveillance systems in their schools to protect students and prevent crime from happening. While many public schools have limited financial resources, most would agree that money should not be an issue when dealing with student safety. There are many affordable systems that can be easily installed and maintained in schools.

Many people may also be concerned that cameras may violate the privacy of students. However, if cameras are only installed in common areas such as classrooms, hallways, cafeterias and parking lots then no one’s privacy should be violated. School officials may want to consider areas like the nurse’s office and counselor’s office as off-limits areas to cameras due to the sensitive nature of things being discussed there. Also, surveillance cameras would be used strictly to identify safety threats and address them before they become larger issues. Safety issues can range from malfunctioning equipment to vandalism to violence. Footage can be monitored remotely from an onsite location and can also be sent directly to local police stations. If an incident is reported, officials can assess the footage and decide how to proceed from there. In most cases vandalism is the biggest issue facing schools and although it is not the worst case scenario, it can still be a costly problem. Identifying and stopping vandals is an important task. If there is an incident of vandalism, cameras will help to positively identify the perpetrator and provide sufficient evidence to prosecute. Officials monitoring the footage can also quickly identify any suspicious characters on campus and stop them before a more tragic situation develops.

IP systems are the best choice for providing clear high-definition footage. Multiple cameras should be placed throughout the campus while still keeping privacy issues in mind. Cat-5e cables and IP systems are easily upgraded as technology develops. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras are also an excellent choice, especially when monitoring large areas such as parking lots or cafeterias. Video analytics will allow officials to locate all footage of a specific individual and view all their activities from the time they enter campus until they leave. This is a useful tool when tracking suspicious persons or suspected criminals. Since vandalism is probably the biggest issue schools face, we recommend using vandal-proof cameras that cannot be tampered with and will not lose footage. Dome cameras are a popular choice for this type of job.

Surveillance systems are an excellent component of a security system. When used along with security officials and an alarm system, surveillance systems can stop crime before it starts. Safety is a top priority of any school and students and faculty should not have to feel threatened when they are on campus. Surveillance systems are a necessary aid in protecting schools from vandalism and violence.

We also provide products and services to businesses similar to schools including: places of worship, hospitals and hotels.

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