PTZ Still Doesn't Move

PTZ Still Doesn't Move - Worldeyecam
Uncover the dome shape glass on the top of camera, then place the camera vertically to the center part of camera out.
Follow the instruction lable inside the case of the camera, push the center part of the camera then twist it to left to open.
Take the center part out and flip it to the other side, there are two dip switches that we need to setup before we use. The one on the left is Protocol Select switch, and the right one is Address Select switch. For this demo, we are using "Samsung 1600(SPD-1600)". Thus, DIP-1 and DIP-2 of Protocaol Select switch should be ON and the rest of Protocaol Select should be OFF. (Note: For more details of Protocol Selection switch, please go through the PTZ manual and look for more setting of different brands.)
This table shows states of coding switches of protocols selected by the PTZ camera.

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