PSS for Mac Lion OS Version 10.7.2

PSS (Professional Surveillance System) for Mac Lion 10.7.1

Apple has released the first update for Mac OSX Lion. This update fixes many bugs, one of which was causing the PSS Client to crash/not run.

• To run PSS (Professional Surveillance System) with Mac Lion you must upgrade your Mac OS to version 10.7.2. To check you current version click on "About This Mac" in the upper left of you screen. If you are running Lion OS version 10.7, then click the "Upgrade Software" button to upgrade to version 10.7.2.


• If you have previously installed PSS (Professional Surveillance System), then you will have to remove it completely before installing the new version. Before installing PSS, it is a good idea to restart your computer. After your computer restarts, proceed with the installation of PSS.

• Again, completely remove/uninstall the PSS Client from your computer, run the software update & upgrade to 10.7.1 and restart. Then download the latest Mac PSS Client from our website and install it.

The latest version of PSS (Professional Surveillance System) can be found here.

• You can read about the 10.7.2 update from Apple's website;