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Video Surveillance Systems in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state in the south central region of the United States. The current estimated population is 3,878,051. The land that is now known as Oklahoma was once inhabited by Native American tribes and explored by Spanish settlers before French explorers claimed the region in the 18th century. In 1803 the French sold the territory to the US as part of the Louisiana Purchase. Throughout the 19th century thousands of Native American tribes were forcibly relocated from their lands in the Eastern US to land in the Oklahoma Territory, known as the Indian Territory. During the second half of the 19th century, cattle ranchers from Texas drove their cattle through the Indian Territory to railroad lines in Kansas. By the end of the century there were four major cattle trails running through the territory. The Oklahoma Territory was opened for settlement and many white settlers established homes and farms in the area. In 1907 Oklahoma was admitted as the 46th state. Oil was discovered in the state during this time and it became a center for the oil industry. Many African-Americans settled in the region after the Civil War but racial tensions were persistent and many Jim Crow laws were passed. The Dust Bowl of the 1930s sent many farmers into poverty and forced them to relocate. The plight of the Okies during the Dust Bowl is illustrated in the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Grapes of Wrath. In 1995 Oklahoma City was the victim of one of the deadliest acts of domestic terrorism in US history. The Oklahoma City bombing killed 168 people. The state has recovered from its tumultuous past and today has a thriving economy. Oklahoma is one of the largest producers of natural gas in the country and there are four Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the state. All of the Fortune 500 companies are energy related and the state has some of the largest oil-related companies in the country. The state has many top rated performing arts theaters as well as many art and history museums. There are several colleges and universities located throughout the state. Northeastern State University is one of the oldest institutions of higher education west of the Mississippi River and has the highest enrollment of Native American students in the country. There are two major league sports franchises in the state, the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA and the Tulsa Shock of the WNBA.

The overall crime rate in Oklahoma is higher than average. The chance of becoming a victim of violent crime is 1 in 227 and of property crime is 1 in 31. Three of Oklahoma’s cities have crime rates that rank among the highest in the nation: Lawton, Oklahoma City and Tulsa. There are no Oklahoma cities that rank among the safest in the nation. Crime rates have been slowly decreasing over the past few years but they are still above average. The most common crime committed in Oklahoma is theft. In 2013 there were 81,495 cases of theft and 33,348 cases of burglary. Residents in the state can protect themselves from these high crime rates by installing surveillance systems in their homes and businesses. Surveillance systems are known to deter crime and they can help to create a safer environment overall. Properties that can benefit from a surveillance system include homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants and many other locations. Stop crime before it happens with a surveillance system.

Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N Lincoln Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Oklahoma Governor's Mansion
820 NE 23rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Oklahoma City National Memorial
620 N Harvey Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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