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New Mexico

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New Mexico is a state in the Southwest United States. It is one of the most extensive and least densely populated states in the country. The current estimated population is 2,085,572. Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to reach the region in the 16th century. A few settlements were quickly established but conflicts arose between the native Pueblo people and the settlers. The region remained under Spanish rule until the Mexican War of Independence in 1821 when the territory came under Mexico’s control. The region remained only sparsely populated and was not heavily used by Spanish or Mexican settlers. Mexico ceded control of the region to the US in 1848 and the New Mexico territory was organized in 1850. New Mexico was admitted to the Union in 1912 as the 47th state. Oil was discovered in the state in 1928 brining the first big economic and population boom to New Mexico. Beginning during World War II, New Mexico has been home to many military bases and research laboratories. The first atomic bombs were built and tested in the state. The population continued to grow throughout the 20th century. Today top economic sectors in New Mexico include oil, tourism and government. The state is the third highest producer of crude oil in the country and an estimated 12% of the state’s total employment comes from the military. Tourists to the state visit the many national parks and museums as well as enjoying the thriving Native American culture that still prevails throughout New Mexico. There are over 15 institutions of higher education in the state drawing students from around the world. Many Westerns have been set and filmed in New Mexico and in more recent years the state has become known as the setting of the popular television series, Breaking Bad.

The overall crime rate in New Mexico is high. While the crime rate is significantly higher than the national average, it does not rank among the most dangerous in the country. Violent crime rates are nearly two times higher than the national average. The chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 163. According to a study by the FBI, New Mexico has the highest rate of burglaries in the country. The chance of becoming a victim of theft, vandalism or burglary is 1 in 27. In 2013 there were 49,875 reported cases of theft and 21,476 cases of burglary. These numbers have increased from the previous year despite a national trend of declining crime. Residents can protect themselves and their property from these high crime rates by installing surveillance systems in their homes and businesses. Surveillance systems are known to deter crimes such as burglary and they can help to create a safer environment overall. There are many affordable systems available that can be used to protect homes, offices, retail stores, factories and many other locations.

New Mexico State Capitol
490 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87501

New Mexico Governor's Mansion
1 Mansion Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Sandia Peak Tramway
30 Tramway Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122

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