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Video Surveillance Systems in Maryland

Maryland is a state on the east coast of the United States. The current estimated population is 5,976,407. The first colonial settlement in the area of Maryland was by George Calvert in 1629 who was seeking to escape religious persecution in England. The first permanent settlement, St. Mary’s City, was established by Lord Baltimore in 1634. Tensions arose between Puritan and Catholic settlers until 1658 when the Toleration Act was put into place. A vast majority of the settlers brought to the area were indentured servants and slaves. Border wars erupted between Maryland and Pennsylvania in the 18th century until an agreement was reached in 1760. Maryland was one of the original 13 colonies to revolt against British rule during the American Revolution and in 1781 it was the 7th state to ratify the constitution and be admitted to the Union. The state economy was based on tobacco crops and in 1830 the first railroad in the US opened in Baltimore. During the Civil War, Maryland had a large free black population and remained loyal to the Union. After the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution helped the state’s economy to grow with industries in glass, breweries, fabrics and tinplate. Abundant natural resources such as coal, iron ore and timber also aided the growth of Maryland’s economy. Today the state’s economy remains strong and has the lowest poverty rate in the country. The Port of Baltimore contributes a great deal to the local economy as a center for trade and transportation. The federal government and agriculture are also large sectors of the Maryland economy. Prominent universities in the state include Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland and United States Naval Academy.

Overall crime rates in Maryland are about the same as the national average. Violent crime rates are slightly higher than the national average with chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime being 1 in 211. Property crime rates are slightly below the national average with chances of becoming a victim of property crime being 1 in 38. Salisbury and Baltimore are considered to be amongst the most dangerous cities in the entire country. All residents of Maryland can benefit from installing surveillance systems on their property. Surveillance systems are known to deter crime, especially theft, burglary and vandalism. Homes and businesses with surveillance systems experience less crime than those without and they can help to lower crime rates overall. Surveillance systems can be used to protect private residences, offices, retail stores, museums and many other locations.

Maryland State House
100 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401

Government House
110 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401

Fort McHenry
2400 E Fort Ave
Baltimore, MD 21230

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