iMaxCamPro (Bronze, Gold, Platinum) Testing DynDNS DDNS

Testing DynDNS DDNS
Bronze, Gold, and Platinum iMaxCamPro DVR's

We have a way to test that Dyndns DDNS is ok. So we write down the test process, and please check your config.

Step 1
Please visit the DynDNS server website and register a user. Under Free Domain Name, click Dynamic DNS Service as shown below.

Next, click Create Free Hostname

Type in your Hostname and select from the dropdown menu.

Enter your DVR's IP Address.

Click Add To Cart

Next, the Shopping Cart page will load up. Here, make sure the Order Total is $0. Then, Fill in your Username, Password, and Email. Type in the numbers from the security image, read the policy and if you agree, check the box indicating you agree. Lastly, click Create Account.

*After this, you should receive a confirmation email from Click the activation link and then log in using your information.

Step 2
Search the DNS server’s IP address:

  • 1). You need a PC that is connected directly to the modem and confirm your PC can login internet.
  • 2). You enter the cmd state. For Windows Vista Users, click "Start -> input 'cmd' in the Search Bar -> press Enter

  • Next, enter in "cmd" in the Search bar and press Enter

  • 3.) Type in ipconfig /all.

  • Then press enter which will give you some information. Look for the the portion that displays the DNS Servers IP Address.

Step 3
Setup the DNS menu on web client and input the DNS Servers IP address in this blank.

To do this, first login to Web Service using your username and password (default is "admin/admin").

Next, click on Config

Setup the DNS menu on the web client as below, input the DNS Servers IP Address in this blank.

Click Save

Step 4
Setup the DDNS menu on web client as below. Input the domain name, server port, username, password of dyndns and dyndns server ip in the blank.

Step 5
The config is OK. You need wait for two minutes. Then login the dyndns website to check whether this domain name have received the IP address, as below.

Example: have received the IP address is (yours will be unique to your settings)