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The key to ICC’s success has been helping our Elite Installers grow and profit. Thousands of them have switched from big name brands to ICC because we level the playing field and give them a better advantage to compete in the marketplace. Once you try ICC products, it doesn’t make sense to go back and pay for the big name brand ever again.

• We aggressively help Elite Installers win jobs with incentives, project pricing and even assisting them to convince spec engineers or enterprises to open the spec that calls out for a big name brand. It’s hard to win projects if you have to pay a 20%-40% premium for name brands. When you are bidding, we know that price determines if you get the job.

• We price ICC products aggressively because we operate with low overhead and we don’t have to make obscene margins. We have one goal in mind - offer quality products at the lowest price possible.

• We have local Regional Managers, live tech support and Contractor Specialists that are proactively working with Elite Installers to win business.

• ICC products not only exceed TIA performance standards, but we went one step further and took our products to independent test labs such as Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and National Technical Systems (NTS), and had them verified. Don't take our word for it, go to (www.icc.com/ul) and find out.

• We pride ourselves in being an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer since 1999 and we constantly maintain and improve product quality.

• ICC is a minority certified company with diverse and highly qualified personnel working to the highest standards.

• We also offer industry leading warranty programs, 15-Year and Lifetime, to ensure quality cabling installations by our Elite and Certified Elite Installers.

3/4"W x 6"L Raceway White
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Product #: 85412
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Product #: 56655
$12.22 $20.94
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Product #: 56654
$34.30 $58.80
ICPCSC05BL CAT 5e Molded Patch Cords 25 Pcs. /Pack, 5FT
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Product #: 73025
$150.69 $87.90
ICFOSTUF24 Splice Tray, Universal Fiber, 24-Splice
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Product #: 73023
$151.02 $88.10
ICRDSB51BC BNC Compression Connectors, RG-59 White Band, 20 Pack
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Product #: 73032
$152.34 $88.87
ICRDSB61BC BNC Compression Connectors, RG-6 Black Band, 20 Pack
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Product #: 73258
$152.34 $88.87
ICMP6P6SRD Plug, 6P6C, Oval Entry Solid, 100Pk
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Product #: 72614
$154.35 $90.04
MSRSV10 Rack Shelf, 10 Deep Single Vented 2 RMS
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Product #: 73043
$156.96 $91.56
ICFOPL16BK LC Fiber Optic Adapter Panel 6-Duplex Ceramic
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Product #: 73020
$157.41 $91.82
IC06686P6C 66 Wiring Block, 8-Jacks, 6P6C
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Product #: 72935
$157.56 $91.91
ICCMSJH944 J-HOOK, 2', 90°, 25 PK
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Product #: 72819
$158.82 $92.65
IC110RM200 PATCH PANEL, 110, 200-PAIR, 2 RMS
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Product #: 72249
$161.88 $94.43
ICRDSMMBK1 Mini Net Media Center Combo Voice/Data/Video
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Product #: 73165
$164.01 $95.67
ICCMSLMFFK Runway Kit, Floor Foot/Butt Splice, 2 EA
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Product #: 72604
$166.56 $97.16